#30daysofsharing | Day 26 : Blood, Sweat & Tears

By Ling

Hubby demonstrating what I did yesterday…

I had the most interesting day yesterday.  I was crouching on the floor taking photos of lipsticks for my beauty blog when I stood up and somehow head-butted the corner of the table.  It was AGONY and I clutched my head and rubbed it to ease the pain…walked over to the mirror and saw this…

My Mum thought I was experimenting a make-up look for Halloween *_*

Yep, blood was dripping down my head onto my face.  And instead of shouting for help, I took a photo with my phone because I thought it looked pretty cool.  Hey, I was in shock!!!

Anyway, I calmly walked downstairs and called out for the Mr who was hanging out with one of his new buddies, R.  And then I started freaking out but I didn’t want to look un-cool in front of R.  We’re new friends so I didn’t want to let him see me cry in pain so I didn’t make a big drama queen fuss…but I was silently screaming!!!  Blood was EVERYWHERE!!!  It seeped under my fingernails…all over my hair…down my temples…

Mr & R inspecting my head wound with what looks like a business card??? LOL. Look at my face!!!

And then I started laughing because it was SO FUNNY!!!  I laughed and then I cried from the pain.

Meanwhile, the Mr was running up and down to get the first aid kit.  We actually had a good stash of saline, anaesthetic and bandages because he had sawed his hand a couple of months ago (he needed 6 stitches).  Yes, we are an accident prone couple.

He called the hospital because the cut was deep and there was blood galore.  I didn’t really want to go because I hate doctors and all that jazz.  But then because it was the weekend, we got a quote of $55 for the consultation alone…and being relatively poor and being extreme tighta$$ed people, we didn’t go.

Deep bleeding gash! Notice the big white scar perpendicular to wound. That was from a car accident in 1998.

I just lay down with an ice pack and gauze and popped painkillers…and the Mr and his friend went out shopping for food!  I know, it’s nuts…but like I said, he made a new friend so we were just, you know, trying to act calm and collected.

After 4 hours, R and fiancee left…and the wound was still bleeding and I felt sick and I was starting to feel woozy and I was seeing black floaty things in my vision so we went to the public hospital (where it’s free) – but I got turned off by the 4 hour waiting time so I demanded we go home so I could go to sleep.

Meanwhile, I was googling all my symptoms and I got really paranoid.  Here are my thoughts :-

1.  I’ve previously had head injuries in the same spot from a car accident in 1998 (read about it here).  You can see the scar in the photo.  Anyway, it means that I am more likely to get dementia in the future.  It made me think of the film The Notebook and the name of the main male character  is Noah!!!  It’s a SIGN!!!  Maybe one day, I will be like the old lady and I won’t remember anything and the Mr will have to remind me who I am by reading me through my blog entries!!!!

2.  And then I thought of Liam Neeson’s wife who died after bumping her head from a ski-ing accident.  What if I am dying of a slow death???

Because I thought I was dying, I started leaving instructions to the Mr :-

1.  I have money in my Paypal account – the password is….  Don’t let them keep that money!  Use it to buy me a pink Chanel handbag!!  Actually, give it to my sister so it won’t be wasted.  Don’t bury it with me!!!

2.  If I die, you have to carry on my legacy and blog for me on http://www.lingtung.com  – the password is…

3.  As for my beauty blog, don’t worry Gigi (my beauty blog intern) knows my password – tell her to keep blogging for me!

And then I cried like a cry baby because he said, “Don’t worry…I’ll see you in Heaven!” – like I was REALLY going to die!!!  And then I thought, cool…if I die, yeah, I’m pretty happy…it’s cool…I’ve lived a good life…wish I had a baby before I died though…oh well…and I wish I wrote a best-selling novel…!!!!  ”Oh, can you call my work tomorrow if I die and tell them what happened and to cancel my patients.”  Yes, these are the thoughts of a paranoid loony!!!!

Anyway, after sleeping a good sleep considering I am an insomniac, I woke up with yukky hair and a slightly sore head and I went to work as normal.  My first patient was a molar tooth extraction and I was feeling bit woozy but I did it!!!  I saw the Doctor in the afternoon…

Update after seeing Doctor

My vision is still a bit weird with those black floaters…but oh well, I hope I will be fine tomorrow.  I am DYING to wash my hair.  And the Mr is having so much fun teasing me and my clumsiness!!!  LOL.  I bet he won’t laugh if I don’t wake up tomorrow!!!!  PARANOIA!!!!!!!!

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