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Greatest Mysteries #2

By Ling

I thought I had encountered and solved some of the greatest mysteries of all time, but here is another one :

Lately, I had been hearing these buzzing noises…Bzzz..bzzz…bzzzzz…but when I went to investigate, I couldn’t find anything….

Until today…

There are dead flies left, right and centre in my bedroom…my toilet….my attic floor….

They are committing suicide and leaving behind their dead corpses for me to clean up…gurrr!

Except one corpse mysteriously disappeared – I was planning to clean up the dead fly but I was running late for work.  When I got back home from work, the dead fly had disappeared…

I bet a spider carried it home for dinner…yum yum….


By Ling

A few days ago, I woke up and found 7 spots on my face!!!  Yes, seven!!  I am USUALLY one of those annoying people who do NOT get spots no matter how much junk food I eat…

But yeah, I woke up with 7 throbbing red zits ALL on the right side of my face – cheek, chin….


Anyway, I’ve had fun squeezing the ripe ones, but the biggest spot is still not  showing signs of ripening…

I’ve been proudly showing them off to my friends.

“Check these babies out!  I’m FINALLY going through puberty!!”

The thing is….I wish I was still at the pubertal youthful age!!!

Recently, I’ve noticed that I am getting old. All the signs are screaming at me :-

1.  Mr Geek and I went to buy train tickets.  He said, “One adult and one railcard”…the ticket guy said to me, “Have you got the railcard?”…and Mr Geek’s reply was “No, she’s too old!” – THANKS!!!  Yes, I am no longer eligible to buy a Young Person’s railcard (yes, that is what they are called), but at least the ticket guy thought I was the one with the railcard so beat that Mr Geek!

2.  I’ve been introduced to some new people recently at church.  They are all  first year university students and they all ask me, “So what are you studying?”….  “I’m working already”“Really what do you work as?“…“Dentist”“How long have you been working?”...“In my third year”……and then there’s a pause when they try to calculate my age….and then they realise I’m an oldie; not a child prodigy!!!

3.  When I hang out with my girlfriends.  Instead of chatting about who we fancy or who is the best looking guy we know….. We chat about when we plan to get married and who’s moving in with their boyfriend and when is the ideal age to have kids and how many kids to have, etc…

4.  The kiddies who were always playing with their toys at dinner parties have grown taller than me and they are moving onto university!!

5.  When patients ask me how old I am, I sometimes answer and they’ll say, “You LOOK young”….but there’s that niggling difference….I want them to say “You ARE young”.

Not long till the life-changing age of the big, dare I say it, 3-0!!!  Waaaahh!!!

The Cerec Machine

By Ling

Something which I never expected to say this year….

I love my job!!

I actually really do!!!  I look forward to going to work and working my magic on people’s teeth!!

We have this amazingly expensive new CAD-CAM (computer aided design – computer aided machine)…The Cerec machine!

And I love it!  It’s so cool!!!

It’s really quite simple but cool dental technology :-

1.  Prepare broken tooth
2.  Take photo
3.  Design tooth shape
4.  Computer will machine this in a block of porcelain
5.  Voila!  Tooth ready!

I texted all my other dentist friends about this machine and they were jealous!!

The guy training us to use this machine is a 26-year-old dentist and he is sooooo soooo successful!!!  All from this Cerec machine.  He is ultra-mega-rich!!!  He drives an Aston Martin DB9….(whatever that is)….  But he is amazingly modest about it!!

In conclusion : My enthusiasm for work may be short-lived so I will enjoy it while I can.

My Teeth

By Ling

Many people compliment me on my teeth :-

“Oh, they’re so white!”

“Oh, they’re so straight!”

“No wonder you’re a dentist…look at your teeth!”

Well, let me tell you the real truth – they are not perfect!  Look closely….

1.  I haven’t had orthodontic braces before, but they look pretty straight, but there’s this minor squint on my lower incisor which really bugs me…

2.  I have non-carious tooth surface loss - erosion AND attrition – due to my love for sucking on highly-acidic foods (oranges, lemons and limes) and grinding my teeth at night…i.e. my teeth are very worn….look at my right vampire fang tooth (= canine) – instead of being sharp and pointy, it is flat as a pancake!  As a result, my teeth are at a weakened state – the edges are transparent like glass.

3.  I have 3 fillings!!!! *sugar addict as a child*

  • Argh!!  So I got a filling replaced today!!!  It was a nasty black one  (= amalgam) which was done when I was like 9 yrs old…and I could tell that it was needing renewed cos there was a hint of decay…(look for the blue-ish tinge around any silver fillings)
  • So I got my friend, actress-cum-dentist, Miss VeeBee, to do it.  Remember Miss VeeBee from here.  (I am taking over her job because she is moving to London to attend drama school!)
  • Anyway, armed with the needle (= local anaesthetic), she started freaking me out – I’m usually okay with getting injections at dentists (but not at doctors)…
  • It took a good few minutes to calm both of us down as were both giggling nervously and she said she was worried that she’d KILL me!!!  I was worried that she would make my eye paralysed – she has a reputation of hitting the WRONG nerve and making the patient’s eye anaesthetised instead of their teeth (= ptosis) !!! hahaha…I haven’t done that YET!
  • Thick, rubbery lips with a numb tongue, but only on one half of my face…such a weird sensation…
  • Anyway, I got to be the patient, the nurse and the dentist!!!!  -  3-in-1
  • I had to nurse – suck up water (= aspirate) with my left hand -  while I was lying back in the chair as a patient….and then when she removed the filling and the decay, I got to probe around and check out the big cavity, dentist Ling style..”remove that fissure distally please”…and then I picked my tooth shade for the filling.
  • It was a rushed job as Miss VeeBee was worried that she’d get a parking ticket!!
  • I wasn’t entirely pleased with the initial result so when she went off to renew her parking ticket, I fiddled about with the filling…
  • She returned and adjusted the bite ( = occlusion)…and then changed the shade…and then adjusted the bite…
  • Now that the numbness has gone, I can feel this sharp ledge and the bite is slightly bumpy….urgh!!!!!  My tongue will not stop playing with the sharp bit….
  • Argh!!!!  Nevertheless, I start work Monday morning and some DIY dentistry will be called for!!!

Oooh….I’m excited…..I love teeth…I love my not-as-perfect-as-it-seems teeth…

In conclusion :  Keep smi-Ling!