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Confessions Of A Botox Addict

By Ling

Botox paralyses the muscles which give you wrinkles – forehead, frown line and lines around the eyes.

Anyway, it is no secret that I get Botox-ed.  Hey, if I am going to sell it, then I should have it done.

The annoying thing is – once you start this Botox business, you have to maintain it.

I got a dose of Botox before I left the UK in July and less than 6 months later, this has now worn off completely!

I hate seeing those lines when I smile…ARGH!!!

No anti-ageing lotions or potions produce the same effect – I know because I splurge out on all these magic potions and none of them work!

Yesterday, two of my Aussie friends, Mr Pistol and Miss JJ, commented that I don’t look like my “usual glam self” – it’s only because the Botox has worn off and I have that wrinkly raisin forehead.   My forehead is alive once again!!!

OH NO!!!!

But it’s okay, my boyfriend still thinks I am attractive – oh wait, did I just spill the beans?

*happy grin*

Bye Sydney

By Ling

Having a brief flick through my recent posts and realise that I have been sprouting on about guys, dating, love-life stuff – this is too Bridget Jones for my liking!

I may be boring you with too much talk about guys and whatnot…(between you and me, I find it extremely entertaining, but I will save it for another day)

Instead, let me reveal a world exclusive – so exclusive that my Mum doesn’t even know nor any of my Sydney friends nor did I reveal anything on Facebook…(so proud of myself for keeping it a secret – LOL)

I left UK for several reasons – one of them is to travel…

So, I am happy and excited to reveal that I have tickets to leave Sydney in less than a week…woohoo!!

No more travel buddys…I am flying solo!!

I am due to start work in Sydney from December through to the end of January, so I thought I deserved a mini break before works starts!! I spoil myself too much don’t I?

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Sydney, but I am also excited about leaving next week.

Where am I going?  Well, hopefully I will have some interesting stories to tell when I return…

Open Relationships #2

By Ling

I totally agree with “open relationships”.

Hold on, I mean the OTHER definition of “open relationships”…not the, “I am free to date / sleep with anyone I want” open relationship (read about this here)…but the relationship where it is not secret or hidden love…

I have met guys who want a relationship with me, but they are not prepared to share this with the world. These are the ones who when asked about who they fancy, they will not answer directly.

“Who do you fancy?”
“No-one / your mum
(as a joke) / some celebrity”

I used to tolerate some of these guys, but now all I have to say to them is “GET LOST!” because basically, they aren’t real men! They are too scared and too ashamed to tell people.

There are also those couples who don’t answer directly when asked if they are dating or not. What is the deal with that?? It’s simple – Yes we are or No we’re not or We’re considering it… Instead, they have that stupid smug look - “We know, but we’re not gonna tell you” - well, to them, I say “GROW UP!”

Of course, there may be factors like their parents may disapprove of their relationship.  Well, to that I say, if the guy is a real man, he would grow some balls and tell her parents how it is and where they stand. “I love her so we’re gonna date and nothing is gonna stop us” or something along those lines.

These are all simply MY opinions, so please don’t get offended.

I will admit that I have been there myself – I harboured a secret relationship  for a short while because he was too scared to tell anyone.  It was pathetic!

Screw all that! If I enter a relationship, it should be a happy time – so happy that you tell the whole world and be open and honest about it.

Okay, everyone who reads my blogs knows I declare all my relationships on blogs and even when they fail, I still declare it.

Anyway, so there’s no relationship declaration in this post.

But this boyfriend-wannabe has told his friends about me!!  Yes, he has!!  And I feel the pressure already!!!  It’s like, I am dying to tell my friends about him, but they’re all so far away and rarely reply my messages and so I will have to tell my blog readers.

I haven’t got anything to tell except I think this guy must really like me as he has been telling his friends about me already. He doesn’t even live in Sydney!!!  I don’t do long-distance relationships…What to do???

May I also add that I had no intentions to start a relationship in Australia because I have no idea how long I am staying here.  I think it’s my Scottish accent which is attracting these guys!!!

Who’s the guy?  He’s mentioned here – can you guess who it is?

I Am A Victim

By Ling

Usually, I agree with the saying - “There are 2 sides to every story.”

But in some situations, I personally believe it does NOT apply.

Example 1 – A murderer kills an innocent person. THAT IS WRONG! Definitely NO two sides.

Example 2 – A paedophile abuses a young child. THAT IS WRONG! Definitely NO two sides.

What I am about to reveal next comes from deep within my heart.

I am a victim.

And I let it eat me away for a while. I let it destroy me slowly…

One of my guy friends tried to sexually violate me.  It wasn’t like pinching my ass or trying to kiss me, like when this happened.  It was worse than that…it was disgusting behaviour…no, I wasn’t raped, but I dread to think what would have happened if I was too scared to fight back…but let’s not go into details…sometimes, I still get the nightmares and relive the horror….

Anyway, if you know me well, you will know that I normally let people walk all over me. So I let this “thing” lie…and nothing was done about it…The apology was half-hearted, followed by the words, “GET A GRIP!”

I didn’t really understand.  I fought back the tears.  I thought I was strong and could fight it alone.   I let my heart harden and I would constantly tell myself “I hate guys!”

No, actually, I don’t hate guys!   You all know, one of my favourite topics to write about is guys.

It’s just that I really, really, really dislike that guy!  Who is the guy?  If you’ve been reading my blogs recently, then it’s pretty obvious who it is.  If you don’t, then please re-read.

That guy swarms around fooling people about what a nice guy he is. but I know differently.

The stupid thing is – we remained friends for a while.  But I was forced to because we were doing something together.  (Again, all is clear if you have been reading my blogs all along as to why I had to remain friends with him.)

Until one night, I woke up after another nightmare and I prayed to God for a solution.

And like always, He answers my prayers because the next day, this guy confronted me, via text message.  Without going into too much detail, he said I disrespect friendships!!

WTF?  DISRESPECT????  I respect all my true friends dearly!!

What did I do?  I wrote a long email expressing my hurt feelings about how he tried to molest me, etc.  And I even ended it with an offer of friendship…YES I STUPIDLY DID!! What was I thinking? And I still gave him his birthday present!   HAHAHAHA!!!!  I am stupid!

Thank God, he had the decency to refuse the offer of friendship.

Even though, he was out of my life, I could still see the damage he has caused in my life.

I feel like I have hated guys since foreverrrrrrrrrrrr – especially after abusive Ex-Boyfriend #2 and then commitment-phobic Ex-Boyfriend #4 (aka Ex-Fiance) and then Gobi, the sexual harrasser and then him!

For a while, I have had such low self-esteem.
I think I don’t deserve to be loved.
I think all men are sh*t-heads.
I think all guys are after ONE thing (usually, they are though).
I started piling on the makeup to get confident…etc…etc…

But I have recently made some amazing friends who accept me as I am…who do not think I am annoying or whiny….who think I am funny…who want to know more about me…who do not tell me to shut up when I am doing my crazy rambling thing…

No, I did NOT deserve it. Yes, I am a victim.

And it is my story…my side of the story…but then what would be his side – “She was asking for it???”

Sorry, but I have never ever ever ever encouraged this guy.  What a d*ck!

Dear Mr You-Know-Who,

If you’re reading this, stop reading my blogs please – let me live my life in peace – thanks!

Dear Readers,

If something happens to me, e.g. mysteriously die under mysterious circumstances, then you know who did it!!!  If I don’t blog again by the end of this week, it means I am lying dead in Sydney somewhere – please tell my Mum I love her – thanks!