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2011 Is The Year That Was…

By Ling

Wowee!  2011 is coming to an end and for me, 2011 is the year that was a rollercoaster ride!

Highlights of 2011 include : my Scottish family and friends came to visit me | getting into beauty blogging and making videos | launching another beauty blog – Lip Stalker | birth of my new niece | going to Hong Kong – which is where I will be when 2012 comes along in a few hours

Lowlights of 2011 include : chronic back pain | not being able to find a suitable job which means being poor | the biggest lowlight of all was discovering that the Mr and I both have alpha thalassaemia minor which means that we have a 1 in 4 chance of having a dead baby…!!!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to bigger and better and more beautiful things in 2012!  I will be MIA for 2 weeks until my return…but you may catch my occasional tweet so follow me!!  I cannot wait to show you the food I ate in Hong Kong.  Till then, take care and…

Happy New Year!

Foodgasm #1 : Lobster Love

By Ling

foodgasm, lobster, yum

I only get to eat lobsters at weddings.  Chinese weddings, may I add.  I recently attended a good friend’s wedding which had a lunch reception.  The food was good but the lobster stole the show!!!  And boy oh boy oh boy, my eyes enlarged into saucers when I realised that we would all be getting half a lobster each!!!

The lobster was deep fried in a light flour coating so I even chowed down some of its crispy lobster-licious shell.  It was cooked in a traditional ginger and spring onion sauce with the most delightful flavours.  Yes, the first bite was a foodgasm (AKA food orgasm).  My taste buds were doing a VERY happy dance!!!!

The noodles had that lovely bite and soaked up all the fragrant lobster and ginger sauce.  I DIE!!!

And wait for this…  My Husband is allergic to crustaceans so I got to pack his share into a wee box and I ate it that night for dinner AND it still tasted just as good after zapping it in the microwave!

Any Chinese readers getting married in Melbourne sometime soon?  Please invite me to your wedding so I can savour the lobster.  Ahem!

What’s a recent food which has given you a foodgasm?

Did Laksa King Satisfy Ling?

By Ling

On Saturday, the Mr and I went on an epic journey to get to the infamous Laksa King in Flemington, VIC.  For the uninitiated, laksa is a spicy noodle soup with elements from Singapore and Malaysia.  There are 2 types of laksa – assam (not that keen on this) and curry (yes, get in ma belly!!!).

The restaurant was busy being a Saturday at 6pm, but we got seated no problem…although a bit too close to our neighbours (who stole, yes STOLE, the Husband’s serviette!)  The menu was quite extensive which surprised me because I thought it was just laksa…but they even had Peking Duck wraps and lots of Asian delights.

We ordered Roti Chicken Rolls (6 for $12) and a Combination Curry Laksa ($9.20) for me and a Beef Curry Laksa ($9.20) for him.  Service was pretty quick because I went to wash my hands immediately after ordering and upon return, my bowl of laksa and the roti rolls greeted me.  Secretly I would have preferred my entree first because I didn’t know where to start first – Dig into laksa or eat the roll…?  In the end, I did a bit of both!

Roti Chicken Rolls

The Roti Chicken Rolls were flavoursome!  Each bite was packed with a chunk of chicken breast in this sweet nutty satay sauce with crunchiness provided by cucumber slices and raw red onion.  My tummy is rumbling as I write this!!  The roti itself was a bit of a letdown as it wasn’t light and fluffy enough.  Nevertheless, I would love to eat this again.

Combination Curry Laksa

Every time I eat curry laksa, I test it first by drinking a spoon of the laksa soup.  A fantastic laksa has to be hot in temperature (I hate lukewarm foods!) and it has to be fragrant from the coconut milk and curry spices.  Unfortunately, I was left a bit disappointed with Laksa King’s offering…it just didn’t have that special fragrance I was hoping for.  But saying that, I did enjoy it.

There were 4-5 plump prawns in my laksa along with slices of fishcake and fried tofu pieces.  And the best bit – a chunk of fried eggplant (that’s an Aussie word!  I like to call it ‘aubergine’, the true Scottish way!)  It was gooey from being deep-fried but so yummy!

I would have liked that extra bit of depth with more coriander (or cilantro) and more coconut milk and more spicy heat.

Overall Experience

  • Laksa King’s curry laksa is not the best laksa I have eaten
  • I recommend the Roti Chicken Rolls
  • Service is fast and efficient
  • Prices are reasonable
  • And I will be back because there are so many mouthwatering options on the menu

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