Dear Ling Haters

By Ling

This post is dedicated to all the Ling haters in UK.

Dear Ling haters

I know who you all are.
You are the people who made/make some part of my life miserable while I stayed here.
You hurt me by doing mean things to me, e.g. bitched about me behind my back / deliberately ignored me / gave me a dirty look / you lied to me / you delivered broken promises / you took advantage of me in some way / you did something nasty to me / etc.
You made me cry.  You made me upset.

But I have good news for you.

I leave the UK in 13 days.  Yes, it’s time for you to celebrate!

Of course, I’ll return at some point to see my family and loved ones.

But otherwise, find someone else to be mean to, because I won’t be around much longer so get your paws off me!

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