Doctor Ling Is Back At Work

By Ling

There have been lack of updates recently because of 2 reasons:-

1.  I moved to a new place without internet – Housemate #2, I’m sorry but I had to get away from Dragon Lady!!

2.  I started work last week in a Melbourne dental government clinic.

In this dental clinic, I am known as “Doctor Ling” – I kinda want to roll my eyes whenever I am addressed in this way.  I mean, it makes me sound like I am some superior being…and I know some doctors who think they are superior beings (let’s not go there shall we?)…

Anyway, I am not entirely sure how the medical / dental systems work in Australia, but I believe that this public sector clinic I am working in is mainly for those patients who are disabled, mentally ill, refugees, OAPs, homeless, etc.  They cannot afford private dental care.

Remember all my crazy stories about my patients when I used to work in Scotland?
1.  The patient who poo-ed but denied it
2.  The patient who thought I was a butcher
3.  The patient who kept grabbing his male appendage

Well, it turns out that the dental patients in Australia are loopy too!!

Ms Pretender
She is the patient who comes into the clinic with an assisted walking device; heaving and puffing from the walk into the clinic.  She asks for help to open the door and it takes an enormous effort for her to sit on the dental chair.  She needs assistance to move her legs onto the chair – one at a time.  She needs time to get over this stressful ordeal and throws a hissy fit if her needs are not catered to.  Once her appointment is over, she struggles out the door and once she is round the back at the car park, where she thinks she is out of people’s sight, she walks unassisted, upright and has no struggles to open the car boot and throws the walking device into the car and sprints off!  She is indeed Ms Pretender!

But don’t get me wrong, there are the nice patients too.  They adore my Scottish accent!

I just cannot wait till I get paid next week because I looked at my bank account today and I have $45AUD in it!  Yes $45AUD!!!  Sigh.  I am officially skint!!

I work to live; not live to work.

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