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No, I did not forget about you all! But procrastination got the better of me. After being sick all last week with hand, foot and mouth disease, I decided to be productive in my sick bed.  Allow me to point you in the direction of my brand spanking new shiny blog which is NOT QUITE ready yet, but it’s happening…and it’s only a matter of days away from launching…!!! Excited??!! You better be! Thank you all for the love and support for the least ten years of my blogging life and here’s to many more years in my new blog… CLICK HERE!!!

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I’m A Mum Now & I’m Still Alive Wed, 04 Jun 2014 14:26:28 +0000 family

The last time I blogged here, the Bun(ty) was still in the oven…  I blink my eyes and she’s turning 6 months soon!  It’s so weird being a Mum!  Do you love that family photo of us?  You’re a lucky duck as this pic has not been featured anywhere else like Facebook or Instagram.

Anyway, can you believe I have blogged for OVER 10 years?  Originally, I had grand plans to unveil my new blog on my 10 year blogging anniversary (which was in January btw, so I am a few months late!) – new chapter in my life, new blog, yada yada yada.  It was the perfect time to celebrate entering into motherhood, but little did I know that motherhood also equates to NO MORE FREE TIME!

However, it’s coming…. YES, my brand spanking new blog which will have stories on motherhood, life and all that jazz with plenty of my usual witty banter :P  And no, it’s not a full-on mummy blog because I am merging it with my beauty blog so it will be a beauty, baby, lifestyle blog.  It is not an easy feat to go through TEN years worth of writing, edit it, migrate it over to a new website and do a re-design blah blah AND LOOK AFTER A BABY at the same time so please bear with me.  I am not a perfectionist but when it comes to blogging, it’s a different story – call me BLOGZILLA!

So what does this mean?  It means that this is the SECOND LAST EVER entry on this blog.  BYE BYE.  FAREWELL.  CIAO.  JOY GEEN.  Some days when you visit, the website may be down for maintenance as I am testing out 301 Redirects (WTF is that?  Yeah, I DON’T KNOW EITHER but I need it to move to the new site!  And don’t get me started on .htaccess codes or whatever) and some days it may automatically take you to my new blog (but don’t get TOO EXCITED okay!) and some links may not work and some posts may be lost in cyberspace forever…

But when I finally get everything sorted, I will write my LAST EVER post on this blog which will point you in the direction of the new blog and you can hit the subscribe button when you get there.  My aim is July 1st 2014 to get it up and running, so pencil this date in your diary!

Am I sad?  No way!  Onwards and upwards!  And I am DYING to share all my motherhood stories before baby brain takes over and I forget them all! :P

And thank you again for reading all my rambles for all these years.  I know beauty blog posts may not be your thang, but you can skip those and read the juicy goss – because there’s always guaranteed to be plenty of that with my oversharing nature, haha!

See ya later :)

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Welcome To Me Fri, 23 Jan 2004 01:30:00 +0000 Last year, I moved out of the family home in Glasgow and started university 1.5 hours drive away in the city of discovery – Dundee.  It was here where I discovered the Internet.   Email and ICQ became two of my new best friends…until I was introduced to the BLOG.

A blog is defined as an online journal

Writing a diary has been a habit of mine since the beginning of time.

Thank you inventors of the blog – you have changed my life forever and always!  I LOVE IT!!

Welcome to my blog where I plan to share important moments of my life with you.  I have always wanted to be a writer so this is a dream come true.  Wahey!

Let me introduce myself with 5 short sentences :-

  1. My full name is Ling Yen Tung – but just call me Ling.
  2. I am a British Born Chinese female.
  3. I am 20-something…
  4. I am studying to be a dentist.
  5. I like to eat and I pee a lot.

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