By Ling

Last week’s latter half of the week, I couldn’t do that.  I couldn’t move my neck for 3-4 days.  I was dosed up on painkillers – no wonder I am super depressed (side effects of drugs) and look like a bloated whale!!!!  Anyway, I am still not 100% fixed…and it really frustrates me because I can’t do things like a normal 30+ year old.  I had to take time off work YET AGAIN!  And I even broke down at work because I felt like a failure.  I can’t live like this forever so hopefully, I will get miraculously cured one day…

Anyway, I was telling the Husband that is probably one of the reasons why we haven’t been blessed with babies yet because of my failing health.  I mean, it’s funny because I am seriously not like any of the demented ladies (sorry, it’s true) out there who count the days till they ovulate and time everything to a tee.  I am still trying to act cool about it…but it doesn’t help when people keep asking me the same “Are you pregnant?” questions!  Why won’t they stop???!!!!!  How can I prove it to you?  Do I have to pee on a stick to show you?  Do you want me to punch my bloated belly to prove it?

And hey, don’t get me started about the gym…  I cannot go to the gym when I cannot move my neck right?  I was also told that I had to NOT use my laptop for a few days – I nearly died.  I sat on the couch and watched tv and ate McDonald’s.  It was SOOOO boring!!!  I also read a book.

And I know – I will be back soon to finish off #30daysofsharing…not that I have anything else really to share.  I think I have shared my entire being!!!

If you have missed my voice, go watch my newest beauty video here.  And if you have missed my oh-so-personal-but-its-kinda-sick-but-funny stories, read this now.  Of course if you stalk me on all my different blogs, you have probably seen and read it already.  In that case, goodnight!

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