Home Sweet Home

By Ling

After a 48 hour epic journey from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur to Dubai to Glasgow, I am finally back home!  It’s been over 8 months and it just feels so good to be back!  I feel the love from family and friends!

Here are a number of things that I have noticed since I arrived home :-

1.  My brother Bro 7, aged 12, is going through puberty!  His voice is deep and low!  So weird!!!  No more sweet talk!!

2.  My Dad tidied my bedroom and for some bizarre reason, he put a rocking chair next to my bed!  Yes, a rocking chair??!!  WTF?

3.  My Mum has gone shopaholic crazy for antique Chinese vases!  There are over 30 vases all over the house.  They are not the tiny vases but vases which can hide a small person!  (I will post a photo of this later.)

4.  My clothes and make-up and jewellery have mysteriously disappeared!!!  Either my sisters have ‘borrowed’ stuff or one of my brothers have developed a fetish for girly stuff….??!!!

5.  Why did I leave Glasgow?  I love it here!!!!  - but then again, the grass is always greener on the other side…

Oh…and the boyfriend met the parents…but that’s another story…

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