How To Choose Wedding Colour Scheme

By Ling

Recently, I have been congratulating friends left, right and centre as one by one, they get engaged.  Woohoo!  Anyway, I had always wanted to start a blog about our wedding planning journey, but as you all know, we got engaged and then got married in 2 months in Australia and then 1.5 months after that in UK.  So basically, there was no time to start a new blog nor do a wedding planning scrapbook.  I have to admit that wedding planning was extremely stressful due to the time constraint and distance and having to work at the same time and adapt to a new life in Melbourne.  But thank God for amazing family and friends who helped us throughout our journey.

Anyway, I know we had limited time to do wedding planning so I really had to make quick decisions on everything.  And I made the decision to allow my 4 bridesmaids to choose their dresses in whichever colour and style they wanted.  They chose royal blue.

What?  What?  Royal blue???  I thought that they would pick the typical bridesmaid-sy colours like pink or lilac…but they chose royal blue!  I just didn’t expect that.  But I was okay with it…till I had to choose my bouquet.  I had always wanted pink roses.  I love pink and I love roses.  But I had stumbled upon some wedding forum which said that pink clashes with blue!!  WHAT TO DO???

I didn’t want to be the bride with clashing colours.

I didn’t want people to laugh at me for my bad taste in colour scheme.

I was sleepless for a few days!  Seriously, it affected me that much!  Ask my bridesmaids because I annoyed them for days about this clashing colour scheme!

And then, just like that, I had a brainstorm.  I flicked through all the wedding magazines and cut out pieces which would help me envisage our wedding day and then gathered all of them together.  I made a collage.

melbo 494

And there you have it!  It didn’t look bad.  The colours didn’t clash!  And who cares what stupid wedding forums say anyway.  If I want pink roses for my wedding day, I shall have them!

wedding 013

Tips On How To Choose Wedding Colour Scheme

  • Go with what you want.
  • If you find it hard to envisage, then make a collage with cut-outs from magazines.
  • Ignore the rules on wedding planning from wedding forums.

And once again, congratulations to all those who are engaged!

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