Family Fun In Hong Kong

By Ling

My Hong Kong Trip 2013

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Last week, I returned from a 2 week holiday to Hong Kong with my Mum, Dad and Sister. As you all know, I left Scotland and all of my close family and friends in 2009 and moved to Australia so spending time with my family has been very precious.

We had a lot of family fun together in Hong Kong – shopping, eating, attending a family wedding, staying up late and watching DVDs together. It was perfect to kickstart the year with this holiday.

It wasn’t always like this.

As I have blogged about this before, my Mum used to be addicted to gambling and she spent most of her time in the casino so we rarely spent time together as a family – I am the eldest of 7 children so we really needed both Mum and Dad!!! But the best thing is she got the help she needed to overcome this gambling addiction and it changed our lives forever.

Back when I was struggling with my Mum’s gambling problem, I had no-one to turn to and it was a very stressful situation to be in as a young teen… But nowadays, there are so many ways to get help.


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 Hopefully, you or your loved one can get the help required to overcome their gambling problem.

A Quick Hello

By Ling

Hello there…if there is anyone there!

Yes, I have been MIA.

No, I didn’t keep to my promises of blogging those last few days of my #30daysofsharing.

But HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I know I am 28 days late… but what can I do to make it up to you?  A new sponsored blog post in a few hours is coming your way!  And I will have more to update you throughout the week.  *pinky promise*

#30daysofsharing | Day 26 : Blood, Sweat & Tears

By Ling

Hubby demonstrating what I did yesterday…

I had the most interesting day yesterday.  I was crouching on the floor taking photos of lipsticks for my beauty blog when I stood up and somehow head-butted the corner of the table.  It was AGONY and I clutched my head and rubbed it to ease the pain…walked over to the mirror and saw this…

My Mum thought I was experimenting a make-up look for Halloween *_*

Yep, blood was dripping down my head onto my face.  And instead of shouting for help, I took a photo with my phone because I thought it looked pretty cool.  Hey, I was in shock!!!

Anyway, I calmly walked downstairs and called out for the Mr who was hanging out with one of his new buddies, R.  And then I started freaking out but I didn’t want to look un-cool in front of R.  We’re new friends so I didn’t want to let him see me cry in pain so I didn’t make a big drama queen fuss…but I was silently screaming!!!  Blood was EVERYWHERE!!!  It seeped under my fingernails…all over my hair…down my temples…

Mr & R inspecting my head wound with what looks like a business card??? LOL. Look at my face!!!

And then I started laughing because it was SO FUNNY!!!  I laughed and then I cried from the pain.

Meanwhile, the Mr was running up and down to get the first aid kit.  We actually had a good stash of saline, anaesthetic and bandages because he had sawed his hand a couple of months ago (he needed 6 stitches).  Yes, we are an accident prone couple.

He called the hospital because the cut was deep and there was blood galore.  I didn’t really want to go because I hate doctors and all that jazz.  But then because it was the weekend, we got a quote of $55 for the consultation alone…and being relatively poor and being extreme tighta$$ed people, we didn’t go.

Deep bleeding gash! Notice the big white scar perpendicular to wound. That was from a car accident in 1998.

I just lay down with an ice pack and gauze and popped painkillers…and the Mr and his friend went out shopping for food!  I know, it’s nuts…but like I said, he made a new friend so we were just, you know, trying to act calm and collected.

After 4 hours, R and fiancee left…and the wound was still bleeding and I felt sick and I was starting to feel woozy and I was seeing black floaty things in my vision so we went to the public hospital (where it’s free) – but I got turned off by the 4 hour waiting time so I demanded we go home so I could go to sleep.

Meanwhile, I was googling all my symptoms and I got really paranoid.  Here are my thoughts :-

1.  I’ve previously had head injuries in the same spot from a car accident in 1998 (read about it here).  You can see the scar in the photo.  Anyway, it means that I am more likely to get dementia in the future.  It made me think of the film The Notebook and the name of the main male character  is Noah!!!  It’s a SIGN!!!  Maybe one day, I will be like the old lady and I won’t remember anything and the Mr will have to remind me who I am by reading me through my blog entries!!!!

2.  And then I thought of Liam Neeson’s wife who died after bumping her head from a ski-ing accident.  What if I am dying of a slow death???

Because I thought I was dying, I started leaving instructions to the Mr :-

1.  I have money in my Paypal account – the password is….  Don’t let them keep that money!  Use it to buy me a pink Chanel handbag!!  Actually, give it to my sister so it won’t be wasted.  Don’t bury it with me!!!

2.  If I die, you have to carry on my legacy and blog for me on  – the password is…

3.  As for my beauty blog, don’t worry Gigi (my beauty blog intern) knows my password – tell her to keep blogging for me!

And then I cried like a cry baby because he said, “Don’t worry…I’ll see you in Heaven!” – like I was REALLY going to die!!!  And then I thought, cool…if I die, yeah, I’m pretty happy…it’s cool…I’ve lived a good life…wish I had a baby before I died though…oh well…and I wish I wrote a best-selling novel…!!!!  ”Oh, can you call my work tomorrow if I die and tell them what happened and to cancel my patients.”  Yes, these are the thoughts of a paranoid loony!!!!

Anyway, after sleeping a good sleep considering I am an insomniac, I woke up with yukky hair and a slightly sore head and I went to work as normal.  My first patient was a molar tooth extraction and I was feeling bit woozy but I did it!!!  I saw the Doctor in the afternoon…

Update after seeing Doctor

My vision is still a bit weird with those black floaters…but oh well, I hope I will be fine tomorrow.  I am DYING to wash my hair.  And the Mr is having so much fun teasing me and my clumsiness!!!  LOL.  I bet he won’t laugh if I don’t wake up tomorrow!!!!  PARANOIA!!!!!!!!


By Ling

Last week’s latter half of the week, I couldn’t do that.  I couldn’t move my neck for 3-4 days.  I was dosed up on painkillers – no wonder I am super depressed (side effects of drugs) and look like a bloated whale!!!!  Anyway, I am still not 100% fixed…and it really frustrates me because I can’t do things like a normal 30+ year old.  I had to take time off work YET AGAIN!  And I even broke down at work because I felt like a failure.  I can’t live like this forever so hopefully, I will get miraculously cured one day…

Anyway, I was telling the Husband that is probably one of the reasons why we haven’t been blessed with babies yet because of my failing health.  I mean, it’s funny because I am seriously not like any of the demented ladies (sorry, it’s true) out there who count the days till they ovulate and time everything to a tee.  I am still trying to act cool about it…but it doesn’t help when people keep asking me the same “Are you pregnant?” questions!  Why won’t they stop???!!!!!  How can I prove it to you?  Do I have to pee on a stick to show you?  Do you want me to punch my bloated belly to prove it?

And hey, don’t get me started about the gym…  I cannot go to the gym when I cannot move my neck right?  I was also told that I had to NOT use my laptop for a few days – I nearly died.  I sat on the couch and watched tv and ate McDonald’s.  It was SOOOO boring!!!  I also read a book.

And I know – I will be back soon to finish off #30daysofsharing…not that I have anything else really to share.  I think I have shared my entire being!!!

If you have missed my voice, go watch my newest beauty video here.  And if you have missed my oh-so-personal-but-its-kinda-sick-but-funny stories, read this now.  Of course if you stalk me on all my different blogs, you have probably seen and read it already.  In that case, goodnight!