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Stress Release

By Ling

When I get stressed, I write.

Writing is therapeutic for my soul!

I love to write.

When I get uber-stressed, I eat.

Today, I ate 100g of chocolate and 50g of crisps and instantly, felt happier.

I love food.

What happens when you combine both of these together?  A deadly combo!

This is my new addiction

Sick Leave #2

By Ling

I used to wonder why people get addicted to painkillers.  I mean, addiction to gambling / shopping / eating / porn / alcohol / etc kinda made sense because it makes you feel good / excited / etc….but painkillers??  I didn’t get it….till recently.

Painkillers don’t kill pain.

If you are in pain physically / mentally / emotionally, painkillers numb and soothe all the pain.  Taking so many painkillers make you feel woozy and all the pain is gone temporarily…the pain relief doesn’t last long, so you end up taking more and more…until the maximum dose of the day is reached…

Sooner or later, even taking the maximum dose of the painkillers won’t numb the pain…what do you do then???

That scares me.

I was sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s surgery today.  I started reading the leaflets.

Warning signs of depression :- insomnia / loss of appetite / mood swings / tearfulness / suicidal tendencies / etc
- if you experience these symptoms for a few weeks, please seek professional advice…

I think I may be stressed, bordering on depressed. sighs.

A second course of antibiotics is required for my disgusting wound which I don’t even wanna look at.  Ugh!  4 weeks of sick leave…ugh!  I am so frustrated with my poor wound healing abilities!

..I suppose it doesn’t help when I want that one person to care, but he doesn’t…

Confessions Of A Coke Addict

By Ling

My name is Ling.

I am an addict.

I am addicted to Coke.


Diet Coke AND Coke Zero.


What shall I do???

Every afternoon, at work, I have this mid-afternoon slump, where I develop the “I-can’t-be-assed-doing-any-fillings-for-my-next-patient” syndrome…and so, I send the trainee nurse ( not my usual nurse because she won’t do any ‘dirty’ work for me ) round to the shop to buy me a lovely bottle of sugar-free Coke…I down the cold drink and do a massive burp, and then, and ONLY then, will I do any more work!!!!

How I Became A Christian

By Ling

I have been a Christian since I was 14 years old.  Here is my story on how I became a Christian…

The first time I went to church (i.e. not with school, not with Girl Guides (yes, I was a Girl Guide)) was a weird experience.  Glasgow Chinese Christian Church wasn’t even held in a “proper” church building.  It was basically a small gathering of people in a flat.  My Mum dragged my siblings and I there one Sunday afternoon…and then it became a weekly routine.  Man, those early days were boring!  I just sat there, eyes glazed over and waiting for the service to be over…hurry, hurry…

I didn’t pay attention until one Sunday, my Mum took us to a different church building – the same church people were there…but the location was different.

“Mum, what are we doing here today?”

No answer.  She had disappeared.

This church did not look like a church outside – it looked like a shop…but inside, it had the church benches and the pew and a big cross…

The service started and I saw my Mum – she was dressed in this long blue cloak and she was on the stage…*confused* – eh??

I could see her crying.  Every time she cries, I cry.  (I’m crying as I type this as I remember it so clearly)

There were a row of people all dressed in blue.
Then out of the blue (PUN UN-INTENDED), a door in the middle of the stage was opened and there was a small pool.
One by one, they got dunked.

Wow!  Baptism!!  Amazing!!!

My Mum never told us what she was up to.  She didn’t even tell my Dad.
My Mum was a typical Chinese gambler.  She was addicted and used to abandon my sisters and I to go to the casino.  She would promise me that she would take me to bookshops to buy a book as a reward for looking after my sisters while she went to the casino…but she always lied!  (Yes, a book because I adore reading – closet bookworm!)

Anyway, God worked in her life and she changed.

Seeing my Mum’s transformation made me question Christianity.

“Mum, how do you know if God is real?”
“Just pray to Him and ask Him to show you…” vague…

So that same night (after church), I prayed or kinda spoke to God in my head…

“God, if you want me to believe in You, then show me.  Umm…okay..when I go to school tomorrow morning, at the school gates, I want to see *my schoolgirl crush’s name*…umm…actually, tomorrow may be short notice for You…so I’ll give you a week.  Yes, I want to see him in the morning at the school gates, any day of next week.”

Our school has thousands of pupils so the chances of me seeing Mr Schoolgirl Crush was quite slim.

I was so worried that God wouldn’t be able to do this ‘thing’ the next day, that I gave Him a week!!!

The next morning…as I was getting dropped off at the school gates…OHMIWORD..!!!

Yep, there he was!!!!!!  His car was right in front of us!!!!

I was shocked!!  It’s a miracle!!  Darn, I should have prayed that he’d see me and fancy me and ask me out on the spot!! hahaha….

I prayed with a church elder and I accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour.  I became a Christian.

Being a Christian isn’t easy.  No-one said it was.  Some days are easier than others.

I really thank God for His wonderful blessings.

Do you know Him too?

Do you want to know Him?

Go to church…read the Bible…find out more…