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Botox And Babies

By Ling

Today I found out that a bunch of Aussie friends had been talking about me. They said that I looked young for my age.  Compliments are good!!  And then, even better, Mr Egg stepped in and said that they shouldn’t be talking about me and my age.  How sweet is he??

The tragic thing is – I looked in the mirror – WRINKLY-FOREHEAD-ALERT!!! Yes, my Botox has worn off since I had it done in July.

Anti-wrinkle cream can barely sustain my youthful looks!  Get me to a bottle of Botox and some needles ASAP – I will Botox myself!!!!!

After being single for …how long?  Is anyone keeping count?…and travelling for a few months, I have never experienced such freedom!  Freedom to do whatever I want and whenever I want.  There are girls my age who are happily married / settled down and having / had babies.

I wanted babies when I was younger, but nowadays, I have no idea what has happened to my biological clock, but it’s not ticking!!!

I just hope my eggs haven’t shrivelled up and there will be none to fertilise when it’s time to meet a guy, fall in love, get married and get busy making babies!!!

It’s a bit difficult though because the freedom of being single is amazing.  Being attached means having to think about another person.  Argh!

And when you are pregnant, you can’t get Botox…but if you are pregnant, it means that ideally, you are in a loving relationship, so who cares about looking wrinkle-free?!!

In conclusion : Botox and babies don’t mesh together!

The Universal Problemo

By Ling

Travelling has been an eye-opener.

Some places I have visited don’t have the same problems as back in the UK, e.g. in Singapore, people there are too scared to commit crime and everything is so clean which makes a change from the graffiti and litter you see in the UK.

Some places I have visited do have the same problems as back in the UK, e.g. there are homeless people who beg on the streets.

I haven’t travelled the world – to name a few since last year – Spain, Greece, Norway, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Dubai (- admittedly, I haven’t stepped out of the airport in Dubai)…

Yes, so I haven’t travelled the entire world, but I believe I have discovered what I like to call – The Universal Problemo

This problem seems to exist wherever I go. I encounter it quite often. It troubles me somewhat. The incredible thing is – I HAVE THE SOLUTION!!

Yes, you read correctly, I Ling Tung, hold the key to unlock the solution to The Universal Problemo.

One more characteristic – The Universal Problemo only affects the MALE species.

“The Universal Problemo” = the question that troubles the male species when they meet me = “How old are you, Ling?”

Recent event #1 = I was revisiting this church when I bumped into this guy on the way to the toilet. I couldn’t even remember his name. I smiled and said “Hi”, and he said, “Hi, how old are you?” Definitely, no beating around the bush there!

Recent event #2 = I had just moved into my Sydney flat where there are 6 flatmates and 5 chickens. I met one of the German guys downstairs and after introducing ourselves, he also had the attack of The Universal Problemo…I answered “Twenties…” BUT he didn’t let go, because the SECOND time I met him, he asked my age AGAIN, but this time like this, “How old EXACTLY are you?”

CRAZY GUYS!!  I know I don’t look my age

My usual comeback is “Why do you wanna know?” and the shy guys usually drop it. To shy guys, I award you nuls points…LOL!

But the other day, this other guy answered, quite bluntly (which I personally like because honesty is the best policy – but don’t tell him that), “I want to see if you are dateable!” To honest guys, I award you my phone number…LOL!  (Although, does age matter when it comes to dating??)

There are those sneaky guys though. They won’t directly ask The Universal Problemo, but they will indirectly calculate my age. “How long did you study at University and how long have you been working for?” “How old is your youngest brother and what is the age gap?” To sneaky guys, I award you permission to date one of my three sisters…double LOL!!!

Dear The Universal Problemo Affected Male Species,

Don’t you know it’s rude to ask a lady (yep, that’s me) her age?  I am as old as I feel and as young as I look!

Kind regards,

Ling xoxo

Ageing #2

By Ling

When I was younger, I wanted to be older so I could go watch scary 18 movies and get into clubs with my friends.  Now that I am older, I want to be younger!!

I tend not to hang out with people my age or older because I worry that they will think I am silly for my age; whereas if I hang out with younger people, I hope that they think I am cool and funky for an oldie.

What annoys me though is when these youngbies say things like, “Oh no, I’m turning 20 this year, I’m SOOOO old…” and then the other youngbie will say, “No, but I’m turning 21 this year, I’m OLDER!!”

ERM??!!!  HELLO??!!!!

“What are you on about??  I am rapidly approaching the big 3-0!!!!”

Some consideration would be much appreciated!

Recently, I had a mini reunion with three of my HOT uni classmates – Mrs Smart, Miss Jay and Miss VeeBee.

- Mrs Smart recently married another dentist
- Miss Jay is still loved up with the boyfriend of 8 years
- Miss VeeBee is dentist by day, actress by night

We met at this Italian restaurant for luncheon.  My hair was curled to perfection as I had been at the hairdressers and I even slapped on some make-up.

Miss VeeBee and I have this friendship which is based on brutal honesty.  She tells me like it is and I give it right back.

The first thing she said to me, “You look OLD!  You’ve aged!!!”
(- she knows I’ve been ill…gurrr!)

Then after lunch, we headed to this swanky expensive skincare store and Miss VeeBee turned to me, “You should get something in here because you look OLD!”

Boohoo!  Enough already!

However, on the same week I looked old, I was on the train; looking drained after a hard day at work – scruffy and make-up-less.  The train conductor came round.

“A single ticket to *destination* please.”

I paid.  I don’t usually take the train (but cannot drive yet because of illness), but I thought the ticket price was cheap.  I looked at ticket.

I had been charged a CHILD fare!!! To get a child ticket, you have to be 15-years-old or under!!!!

In conclusion :  Age is just a number and you’re only as old as you feel – and I feel GOOD!

My Birthday 2007

By Ling


Woot-woo…it’s Ling’s 27th birthday today!  Happy birthday to me!

It’s quite scary turning this age….I am no longer classified as in my ‘mid-twenties’, but in my ‘late twenties’!!

Where did all the years go?

But to be honest, I don’t feel old…I feel young, fresh and alive!

I feel that the 6 years I spent studying at university don’t really count because :-

- The majority of my uni ‘friends’ (not counting classmates) are no longer my friends
- The lifestyle I led is not the lifestyle I lead now
- Looking back, my uni years were my unhappiest and darkest years that I have partially erased from my memory

God is good to me.  As soon as I left uni, my life started again :-

- I got a job back home and moved back in with my family
- I met Mr Geek
- I discovered new friendships and revived old friendships

In conclusion :  I’m 27 minus 6 … I’m 21 again!!!!!