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Confessions Of A Roadkiller

By Ling

Roadkill is defined as the dead body of an animal that has been killed on a road by a vehicle

Living out of a suitcase isn’t glamorous at all (but I guess it’s better than living out of a BACKPACK!)

Road-tripped for days and every day, had to check out hostel/hotel/motel by 930am…one night, we drove too late at night.  It was scary.

Roads were scarily dark and very dangerous – kangaroos, cows and wild animals were on the road but couldn’t see them half the time.

Saw lots of roadkill by the side of the road. We killed something too.

It was a bird.  Or a rat.

The kangaroos were so weird though.   They would be standing on the side of the road till our car approached them and only then, would they start hopping across the road – into the path of the car!  When we honked the horn, they would stop and stare for 2 seconds then hop across the road. It was like they were challenging us “Kill me if you dare!”

I wanted to run one over just because I am a crazy mad b*tch and roasted kangaroo meat would be a nice meal – but then, the consequences of having to pay to fix the car and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere put me off and also the possibility of killing oneself is pretty high especially if the animal crashes into the windscreen.

That night, I was SEMI-hoping that a lady dressed in white and pushing a pram would cross the road as we were driving…. *classic horror movie scenario alert*

Unfortunately, nothing adventurous like that happened.  Instead, we had to pull into this small town where no accommodation was in sight.  We camped out in the car.  It was horrible and cold.  I barely slept.  The next morning, I looked like I belonged to a horror movie.

In conclusion :  RIP – little bird/rat we roadkilled – sorry!

Road Trip In Australia

By Ling

feeding dolphin

I have already spent 11 days road-tripping in Western Australia.

It has been an interesting experience and here is a checklist of things I have achieved :-

1.  Almost killing someone

  • 24/7 with Mr Player is not a pleasant experience at all.  Sometimes, you just need some breathing space…

2.  Saw kangaroos

  • In fact, loads.  About 20, so far.  They all have one thing in common. They’re all roadkill.   Yep, all lying dead and rotting in the hot sun at the side of the road, getting their insides eaten by all the Aussie creatures.  Lovely sight…

3.  Fed a dolphin

  • So unbelievably cute!!!   I was one of the lucky few who got randomly selected to feed a dolphin at Monkey Mia.  I attribute this to the bright red dress I decided to wear that day, complete with bright red Crocs.

4.  Eaten delicious delightful foods

  • This includes lobster fresh out of the ocean, cajun-dusted soft-shell crab, big mama of a steak, big fat juicy prawns.

5.  Stayed in this villa which faced the Indian Ocean and watched a beautiful sunset

  • But then again, we also stayed in this yukky hostel aka prison cell!

6.  Saw a shooting star in the lovely night sky.

  • I then proceeded to walk backwards with my head facing the sky to see if I could see another one.  Looked like a lunatic and nearly tripped over.

7.  Got homesick and cried a river after speaking to my mum.

8.  Been ill too.

  • Got this disgusting phlegmy, chesty cough which makes me sound like a hardcore smoker.   Got backache from carrying my luggage and sleeping on lumpy beds.

9.  Getting tanned even after slapping on factor 50.

10.  Now, off to a glass boat ride at Coral Bay.

  • Hope I don’t fall off cos I can’t swim.  Hope I make a friend and don’t look like a total loner…

11.  I have also learnt some Australian phrases which I plan to put into practice -

  • G’day mate! (this will be used on a hot Aussie dude)
  • RACK OFF! (this will be used on Mr Player)