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Bye Sydney

By Ling

Having a brief flick through my recent posts and realise that I have been sprouting on about guys, dating, love-life stuff – this is too Bridget Jones for my liking!

I may be boring you with too much talk about guys and whatnot…(between you and me, I find it extremely entertaining, but I will save it for another day)

Instead, let me reveal a world exclusive – so exclusive that my Mum doesn’t even know nor any of my Sydney friends nor did I reveal anything on Facebook…(so proud of myself for keeping it a secret – LOL)

I left UK for several reasons – one of them is to travel…

So, I am happy and excited to reveal that I have tickets to leave Sydney in less than a week…woohoo!!

No more travel buddys…I am flying solo!!

I am due to start work in Sydney from December through to the end of January, so I thought I deserved a mini break before works starts!! I spoil myself too much don’t I?

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Sydney, but I am also excited about leaving next week.

Where am I going?  Well, hopefully I will have some interesting stories to tell when I return…

Asian Guys

By Ling

Being Asian, there’s a natural instinct for me to stick with my own kind.

Although I’m in Australia – the land of blonde hair blue-eyed surfer dudes – I still hang with the Asian guys.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but there are 2 types of Asian males :-

1. “Cool” Asian guys – I say quotation marks cool because I personally do NOT think they are cool

2. “Uncool” Asian guys – I say quotation marks uncool because I personally do NOT think they are uncool

I’m going to break them down further…work with me here…

Cool Asian guy

  • Hair will be dyed / highlighted and very textured with gel and in the style of Japanese / Korean / Taiwanese boyband style
  • Drives some flashy sports car which they like to rev up LOUDLY and pump music and may have Japanese / Chinese characters on the car
  • Wears flashy designer clothes
  • Has the lastest mobile phone
  • May have a diamond earring on one ear (if both ears, may be gay…ahem…)
  • Usually has a girlfriend who doesn’t feel the cold and wears minimal clothing at all times and carries a designer handbag

Uncool Asian guy

  • Thick black-rimmed glasses and does not know how to dress
  • Looks like they may have been bullied at school and didn’t have a girlfriend at school
  • Gives the impression that they may have brains
  • There are 3 types here :-
    1. The Geek – up to date with the latest technology and loves computer gaming
    2. The Nerd – find them in the library salivating over books
    3. The Dork – speaks in a squeaky un-manly voice and comes out with dork-tastic sayings

And of course, some Asian guys don’t fall into any of these categories because basically, they are Non-Asian guys wannabes wishing they were Westerners – this is outwith my understanding as I don’t hang around them. As a general rule of thumb, I think these are the guys who are the sole Asian guy amongst non-Asian guys.  Shortest out of the pack, will try and out-cuss them, will have the beaming red face in the Pub, but will continue drinking to compete with his Western brethen and fails miserably in getting girls at nightclubs, while his other Western brothers score.

In conclusion : I have guy(s) in my brain – argh!! Shoot me now!!!! Which category suits me the best? Guess guess…

7 Things Of Today

By Ling

Sydney Bridge

I arrived in Sydney on Tuesday 13th October, but it took me a while to find a suitable place to live.

I actually put down a non-refundable deposit of $100 AUD on this place which I didn’t end up moving into as it did not have what I call the bare necessities :-  internet, television and space!

Thank God, after viewing umpteen places, I found this amazing place in the city which ticks all the right boxes.

Today, I received a text message from Mr XY (see description of him here) :-

“1 week now in d new place. Grats”

Woohoo! 7 days in my new place! But I haven’t even spent much time here as I have been really blessed and been really busy meeting people and going to lots of new places.

Anyway, to celebrate this great day, I have made a list of 7 random things about me which are all relevant to today :-

  1. My new favourite song is First Love by Utadu Hikaru – I uploaded it to my iTunes last night.
  2. I met an Irish guy today. He has nice blue eyes.
  3. Someone complimented me on my accent “I love your accent!” - it was a girl
  4. I bit my fingers repeatedly today to stop myself from cussing because I was so annoyed about not being able to find a suitable ATM cash machine – it took me 30 minutes…I was ready to explode!
  5. I received a wedding invitation from a girl I have only seen twice in Australia!  (Maybe she read this blog post??)
  6. I walked 20 minutes to the gym, in my gym gear, but in the end, I didn’t even go in to do exercise because I got hungry and went to the supermarket instead! LOL!
  7. I received a movie invitation for a viewing of Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” for tonight, but I declined.  When I was younger, I wrote in my diary – “I wish Michael Jackson was my uncle because he treats children very well.”

And there you go – 7 random facts about my life…

Confessions Of A Roadkiller

By Ling

Roadkill is defined as the dead body of an animal that has been killed on a road by a vehicle

Living out of a suitcase isn’t glamorous at all (but I guess it’s better than living out of a BACKPACK!)

Road-tripped for days and every day, had to check out hostel/hotel/motel by 930am…one night, we drove too late at night.  It was scary.

Roads were scarily dark and very dangerous – kangaroos, cows and wild animals were on the road but couldn’t see them half the time.

Saw lots of roadkill by the side of the road. We killed something too.

It was a bird.  Or a rat.

The kangaroos were so weird though.   They would be standing on the side of the road till our car approached them and only then, would they start hopping across the road – into the path of the car!  When we honked the horn, they would stop and stare for 2 seconds then hop across the road. It was like they were challenging us “Kill me if you dare!”

I wanted to run one over just because I am a crazy mad b*tch and roasted kangaroo meat would be a nice meal – but then, the consequences of having to pay to fix the car and getting stranded in the middle of nowhere put me off and also the possibility of killing oneself is pretty high especially if the animal crashes into the windscreen.

That night, I was SEMI-hoping that a lady dressed in white and pushing a pram would cross the road as we were driving…. *classic horror movie scenario alert*

Unfortunately, nothing adventurous like that happened.  Instead, we had to pull into this small town where no accommodation was in sight.  We camped out in the car.  It was horrible and cold.  I barely slept.  The next morning, I looked like I belonged to a horror movie.

In conclusion :  RIP – little bird/rat we roadkilled – sorry!