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Toenail Art

By Ling

beautyb 165

To achieve this toenail art, you will need the following :-

1.  You have to be bored out of your mind but retain your sense of humour
2.  Get a picture of someone you dislike
3.  Long dirty toenails and a toenail clipper
4.  An assortment of nail polishes
5.  A camera


1.  Take before pictures of toes.

beautyb 126

2.  Cut toenails carefully aiming for the person you dislike’s face.  Pat yourself on the back if toenails land on their face!  (And yes, I am proud to be Team Jolie!)

beautyb 169

3.  Go crazy with the nail polish.

4.  Sit back and admire your toes and then camwhore your finished toenail art.

Disclaimer :  Dear Jennifer Aniston, please do not send your lawyers onto me.  This post was just for fun!

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My Hairstyle Archives

By Ling

Some women have the same and safe hairstyle for years.  I get bored too easily so I embrace change.  However, going to a hairdressers can be expensive.  At home, I cut all my siblings’ hair – all six of them.  I even used to cut my own hair but it was to punish myself.  Anyway, there are two types of hair Chinese girls have :-

1.  Shiny, straight black hair which refuses to curl
2.  Dark brown/black frizzy hair with a mind of its own

Unfortunately, I fall in the latter category.  I don’t have bad hair days, I have bad hair weeks!

I thought it would be extremely funny to show everyone my Hairstyle Archives.

1.  The Short And Funky Hairstyle


This was back in 2003. It felt liberating to have short hair when all the other girls had long luscious locks. Although I needed to gel it every morning to avoid looking like a mop!

2.  Multi-Coloured Fake Hair Extensions Hairstyle


OMG! I spent a fortune on these hair extensions which were glued to my hair roots. It was a treat to myself for passing my final dental exams in 2004. And yes, this is the hairstyle I have in my graduation photos!! How tragic!!! I had to wash my hair with special shampoo and conditioner, but my scalp was itchy. When I finally removed these extensions two months later, nearly half of my hair fell out. Would never ever recommend this to anyone. How does Britney do this??

3.  The Blondie Hairstyle


Do blondes have more fun? No. Admittedly, I wasn’t all blonde, but I had plenty of blonde moments when I was blonde. Must have been the hair bleach seeping into my brain.

4.  The Sharon-Ozzy Osbourne Hairstyle


Sharon Osbourne in front and Ozzy Osbourne at the back

I dyed my hair myself. The front red and the back black. It’s like Sharon Osbourne at the front and Ozzy Osbourne at the back. I thought it looked good then… Why did no-one tell me????!!!

5.  The Free-Haircuts-Are-Free-For-A-Reason Hairstyle


Can my face be any shinier??

I was at my local beauty salon when the lady offered to give me a free haircut. Being Chinese, I love the word “free”. Bad mistake! She gave me this ultra short asymmetric fringe and layered haircut. I went home and then did my own red highlights. I like the red highlights though. And the next day a cute guy complimented me on my hair. That made up for it.

6.  The Curly Wurly Hairstyle


Celebrating my umpteenth birthday

I curl my hair on special occasions.

7.  The Poker Straight Hairstyle


Taken on the same day of hair straightening. Notice the fishtail cut the stylist gave me

For a while, it was the hottest trend to have hair professionally straightened in Asia. The only problem was sitting in a hair salon for 4-5 hours and then afterwards, you were not allowed to wash your hair for 48 hours. Not good when you’re in Asia, the land of sweat and humidity.

8.  The Accessories Hairstyle


Sometimes, it is fun to jazz up hair with accessories. But please choose appropriate accessories for your age.

9.  The You-Looked-Better-Before-You-Went-To-The-Hairdressers Hairstyle


Don’t you just hate that?? You go to a hair salon thinking they will transform you into an uber-babe and then you come out the salon, much poorer and looking uglier!!! But don’t worry, hair grows!!

10.  The Chinese Wedding Hairstyle


It is not the best photo of me at my Chinese wedding. But I loved my hair. It was curled and pinned to one side and had red flower accessories.

11.  My-Hairdresser-Does-Not-Speak-English Hairstyle

On Tuesday, I desperately needed a haircut.  I hopped out the husband’s car, found a random salon which was advertising cheap haircuts for ladies at $20AUD.  I peeked into the salon but no clients were there.  A quiet hair salon means crap hairstylists, right?  Haha.  But I walked in.  The stylist did not speak English.  I said 3 words – “haircut”, “toilet” and “bye”.  I let her do her own thing.  She chopped off 7-8 inches.  I just kept reminding myself that hair grows back.  Here are before and after pics…

hair 001

Before - Bushy Bad Hair Day Alert!

hair 004

After - Big Bouncy Bangin' Hair

A few hours later, I saw the husband. I waited for him to compliment me. Instead, he said, “Did you even get a haircut?”  Men!   Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!!!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my (mostly tragic) hairstyle collection.  Which was your favourite and least favourite hairstyle?

Ageing #2

By Ling

When I was younger, I wanted to be older so I could go watch scary 18 movies and get into clubs with my friends.  Now that I am older, I want to be younger!!

I tend not to hang out with people my age or older because I worry that they will think I am silly for my age; whereas if I hang out with younger people, I hope that they think I am cool and funky for an oldie.

What annoys me though is when these youngbies say things like, “Oh no, I’m turning 20 this year, I’m SOOOO old…” and then the other youngbie will say, “No, but I’m turning 21 this year, I’m OLDER!!”

ERM??!!!  HELLO??!!!!

“What are you on about??  I am rapidly approaching the big 3-0!!!!”

Some consideration would be much appreciated!

Recently, I had a mini reunion with three of my HOT uni classmates – Mrs Smart, Miss Jay and Miss VeeBee.

- Mrs Smart recently married another dentist
- Miss Jay is still loved up with the boyfriend of 8 years
- Miss VeeBee is dentist by day, actress by night

We met at this Italian restaurant for luncheon.  My hair was curled to perfection as I had been at the hairdressers and I even slapped on some make-up.

Miss VeeBee and I have this friendship which is based on brutal honesty.  She tells me like it is and I give it right back.

The first thing she said to me, “You look OLD!  You’ve aged!!!”
(- she knows I’ve been ill…gurrr!)

Then after lunch, we headed to this swanky expensive skincare store and Miss VeeBee turned to me, “You should get something in here because you look OLD!”

Boohoo!  Enough already!

However, on the same week I looked old, I was on the train; looking drained after a hard day at work – scruffy and make-up-less.  The train conductor came round.

“A single ticket to *destination* please.”

I paid.  I don’t usually take the train (but cannot drive yet because of illness), but I thought the ticket price was cheap.  I looked at ticket.

I had been charged a CHILD fare!!! To get a child ticket, you have to be 15-years-old or under!!!!

In conclusion :  Age is just a number and you’re only as old as you feel – and I feel GOOD!

Inner Beauty

By Ling

Make-up is defined as cosmetics which are used to enhance or alter facial appearance

I was feeling really ill the other day and looking really sickly and pale.  I basically rolled out of bed and threw on some shabby clothes, didn’t brush my hair and plodded to work.  After work, I desperately wanted to go home to my bed, but I had to go and do Christmas shopping for my colleagues.

While I was there, I met up with two of my guy friends – Mr SW and Mr Pony.

As soon as Mr Pony saw me, he said “OHMYGOODNESS Ling, you NEED make-up pronto!” and wanted to drag me to the shops with make-up.

Mr SW told him to leave me alone as I was sick and “…besides, she’s getting married so it doesn’t matter anyway!” - Clearly, Mr SW doesn’t read my blog – how do you tell your friends that you are no longer getting married?  (That should be a future blog!)

Anyway, I was giving the “I don’t give a damn” plus “I’m sick” plus “It’s what inside that counts” excuses.

Yes recently, I’ve been trying to let my inner beauty shine through and dazzle people and the thought of dolling up for work means getting half an hour’s less sleep…NO WAY!!

So, there I was, trying to be proud of my “au naturale” sickly non-make-up look and avoiding Mr Pony’s attempts at dragging me to the make-up counter….

…and we bumped into Mr Sheep – this guy I have met twice where we’re still at that awkwardish acquaintance stage.

And immediately, I tried to conceal my eyebags and deathly skin with my scarf and hair.  It is not as if he is interested in me in any way, but I just felt self-conscious and ashamed of my natural looks….

I thought about this incident afterwards.  It just highlights how stupid I am to think that some cosmetic pigments would make me look and feel good.   I feel so pathetic.

I am going to try and be a more confident woman in 2008 and not feel less pretty without perfectly coiffed hair and perfectly plastered make-up.

So, remember if you see me walking around looking ill and tired, I probably am not….it’s just that I look like that without make-up!

Please let my inner Ling beauty radiate through and let me dazzle you with my dazzling smile.