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Closure #2

By Ling

Being the eldest of 7 children and being older than most people at the church fellowship I attend, I feel I have a reputation to uphold.  I appear fine and smile and have fun.  I rarely ever let down my guard and cry in front of people.

Some people have crocodile tears…fake tears…tears to get their own way….

When I cry, it’s like squeezing the juice from my heart.  They are  honest heartfelt tears.

I have cried so many tears recently.  I even cried during work so badly I had to take the afternoon off.

I thought I had ran out of tears for someone but yet again, they are pouring out deep from within my heart which still remains broken…

Dear You,

You run away quicker than the tears which run down my face, but it’s okay because He sees each tear that falls.  You’re a fully qualified doctor but you’re making me ill, but it’s okay because He is my healer.

I am sorry for writing about you again, but give me more time and everything will be okay.

The End


By Ling

Closure is defined as the resolution of a significant event or relationship in a person’s life

When a relationship ends, it takes a lot time to get over it.  When  I wrote this post, I did not fully comprehend how difficult it is to move on and gain closure.

For a long time, I was hoping for a reunion.  Maybe, just maybe.
He would still call me.  He would still compliment me.  He was giving me false hope.  Until the day he met someone else.  Everything changed.  He stopped calling me.  He stopped saying those nice things.  He had moved on. Is it fair how he deceived me?  No.  But life is unfair.  What I think is extremely unfair is how he painted such an ugly picture of our entire relationship.

Dear You,

I did not imagine it at all.  I was not dreaming.  You just chose to forget.  Nevertheless, thank you for all the good and bad times.  I am walking away and I won’t look back.  The sadness I feel is for the forgotten past which will be buried away in a secret hiding place.  The happiness I feel is for the future which has been carefully planned out for me.  Everything will turn out just as He has planned it.  I have learnt my lesson well, but have you?

The End.

ABBA Twist

By Ling

I don’t wanna talk about the things we’ve gone through.
Though it’s hurting me, now it’s history.

But tell me does she kiss like I used to kiss you?
Does it feel the same when she calls your name?
Somewhere deep inside, you must know I miss you
But what can I say when I never had any say?

The winner takes it all
But poor Ling has to fall

Stop Giving Me Grief #2

By Ling

Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT desperately seeking for a new boyfriend. Yes, every day I am bombarded with people loved up, people getting engaged, people getting married…

In fact, the more I try to not think about love, the MORE I end up thinking about it.

Yes, I understand that I am turning  year older in a few weeks…the older I get, the more limited are my choices…blah blah…

I was at this wedding last week, watching the two happy lovebirds dancing happily, when my (married and pregnant) girlfriend Mrs Diva asked me, “Do you think you’ll get married before 30?”
“…(mumble grumble)…I dunno…”

SERIOUSLY how do I know??  Mrs Diva, what kind of question is that?  It’s a DUMB question I tell ya!

When I was younger, I wanted to be married at 25 and have my first baby at 27, whereas last year, Mrs Diva said she never wanted to have a baby but look at her now…

It’s so weird how things work out.
I was wondering if I would be happy to be single forever…

I think I am SO afraid of falling in love but then getting my heart broken again…

It’s not so easy anymore…

How can I trust you??  Hmm…???

I get the odd compliment  – Thanks, but really?  Do you REALLY really think so??
You like me??  – WHAT?  You like me LIKE me??  NO WAY!
You want me to be your girlfriend??  – ER?????  WHY???
You LOVE me??  – HAHA…funny!!!
You wanna marry me and spend the rest of your life with me??  -  HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!

Nearly 9 months of singledom!!!  WOW…the same time as pregnancy!!

My Mum is secretly worried that I will end up with any random guy as she thinks that I am oh-so-desperado
She likes to test my reactions so she will mention names of guys I hang out with and watch me to see if my eyes light up…hahaha…
But I don’t mind because she is looking out for me.  She knows that  I am incapable of making decisions and when I do, I make the wrong ones.  I am such a fool!…*gulps*…

Why is it some guys are only interested in being my friend when they want MORE than friendship??
And when I go and hang out with them, people like to comment and say that I AM LEADING THEM ON??!!!!

Erm…excuse me…someone think about ME!

What if THEY are leading me on?
What if THEY only want my company for ulterior motives, but when unreciprocated, they ditch me faster than a speeding bullet??
What if THEY make me feel like the most important girl in their world, but then change their mind later???