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Pray For My Aunt

By Ling

Remember how I mentioned here that my Aunt, my Dad’s sister, is terminally ill with cancer.

She is expected to pass away within the next few days.

She is actually just lying in a hospital bed – going in and out of consciousness; suffering and not speaking; in a very weakened state.

My Uncle, her husband, passed away years ago from lung cancer.
She has a daughter and three sons who are all in their late 20′s and 30′s.

I feel so helpless.  It scares me.  I feel so bad because I haven’t visited her recently.  I don’t want to see her like that.

My parents visit her every day.
Every time the phone rings, we think it’s the hospital because we will get notified first.

How horrible.  She is just waiting to take her last breath…waiting to die…

Is it horrible for me to pray that she dies soon?
I hope she goes peacefully in her sleep...

I Am Fine

By Ling

My surgeon’s secretary called me last week.

“Come into hospital on Tuesday at 9.30am.  You will get your reult then…”

Crazy thoughts raced through my mind.  Why do you have to go to hospital to get your result?  Why can’t they tell you over the phone?  It MUST be bad news!

I went to the hospital with my Mum.  I got called in.  I had to undress so they could remove the dressing.  I started to panic slightly when Nurse 1 went to get Nurse 2 who went to get the Head Nurse who went to get the Consultant.  “Just tell me already!”

Good news! Thank God.  Thank you family and friends for your prayers.

The wound is still bleeding and oozing pus.  I am still not allowed to shower, not allowed to gym, not allowed this and not allowed that.  But who cares?  I am fine because I am benign.

Benign is defined as not dangerous to health; not recurrent or progressive (especially of a tumour), i.e. non-cancerous

Cancer is deadly.  I have a blood-related aunt who is terminally ill with the cancer I could have had.  I saw her last week – her hair has fallen out, she is extremely thin and gaunt, her eyeballs are popping out, she can barely move.  The cancer has spread all over her body.  She is in palliative care.

Palliative care is defined as treatment to relieve, rather than cure, symptoms of cancer

The sad thing is her younger brother, my uncle, died a few years ago with cancer too.  He was also in palliative care but couldn’t live every day waiting to die, so he committed suicide.  Cancer runs in my family so I was really worried that I would be next.

Thanks everyone for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for my aunt.


By Ling

My Mum forgave me and my belly button at last!!  But don’t you dare tell her about the smoking!

So on Friday, I knew she wouldn’t miss her eldest daughter’s graduation!!  Chinese parents won’t admit it, but I knew they were proud of me!  My dad bought me a digital camera and I got flowers too.  I felt so special!!  And then after the graduation ceremony, we had another mini awards ceremony and that’s where I got my medal.

And then on Saturday, before the graduation ball, I went to the doctor’s.

I had to get a mole removed from my leg!  It grew and got bigger and got itchy!  It was really horrible because the anaesthetic hadn’t fully kicked in and I felt the scalpel cut into my leg!!!  I got 3 stitches!  The worst thing is – no-one was there to hold my hand.  I then had to drive home with a bleeding leg!!

And then at night, I went to the graduation ball with a bleeding leg.  But I danced the night away!!!

I find out where the mole is cancerous in a few weeks.  I hope it isn’t…

ANYWAY, not going to dwell on it.  I am also going to Spain next week with 2 of my sisters and one of my bestest girl friends Miss Diva!  Wowee!!