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Spray Me

By Ling

Like most girls, I freak out when I see any creepy crawlies or insects.  So what on earth am I doing in Australia??  It’s the land of multi-legged freaks and scary flying creatures of all shapes and sizes!  For example, there are bats in the park!!

Anyway, even in the comfort of my own bedroom, I am not safe!  I have had to protect myself from crazy creatures of all sorts by a number of spraying techniques.

1.  The Fly
Okay, admittedly a normal fly is pretty harmless but after a while, the buzzing noises get irritating especially when you’re trying to sleep.  Anyway, one night I heard this constant buzzing and I got up to investigate.  I found this gigantic fly in my room buzzing about.  I love my celebrity magazines and didn’t want to use them to kill this fly so I decided to use hairspray.  BIG mistake!  The hairspray made the fly go hyper and it went to super-duper-buzz mode and was bouncing off the walls!!!  Hairspray – FAIL!

2.  The Ants
Again, you might think ants are pretty harmless…but not when there’s an army of ants in your pants!  Okay, I exaggerate…there were no ants in my pants but there was a big trail of ants coming in through my permanently-opened window.  They were climbing up and down the curtains building an ant colony??  Who knows?   Anyway, I had a can of insect-repellent spray and used it to spray all over the window ledge.  Yes, it did stop the ants from coming in through the window…but they started entering through some other crack in the wall.  Argh!  And the effects of the repellent is only temporary and does not last forever.  Insect-repellent spray – FAIL!

3.  The Cockroach #1
I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom when I suddenly noticed this cockroach looking at me.  I screamed, spat out my toothpaste and grabbed the nearest spray on the shelf and sprayed it.  The cockroach did not die and scuttled away.  I looked at the spray – deodorant…damn it, well, at least, there’s one cockroach out there who smells likes roses and attracting the ladies!  LOL.  Deodorant spray – FAIL!

4.  The Cockroach #2
For some reason, the cockroaches in Australia are extremely perverted and they like to lurk in bathrooms!  I was taking a shower when this cockroach decided to join me by climbing up the glass shower screen.  By this time, I was screaming like the woman in Psycho, but just like the movie, no-one was around to rescue me from this beast.  I was naked and wet and helpless.  I looked around for the nearest weapon – the shower spray!  I thought the hot water would boil it alive, but unfortunately, it didn’t.  And now, there’s not only a deodorant-smelling cockroach in Sydney, but there’s also a freshly-washed cockroach out there roaming the streets.  Shower spray – FAIL!

All these sprays have proved to be useless…but now I am the owner of a big can of insect-killing spray!  Oh yeah!

What are your tried and tested methods of killing these nasty beasties?  Please share!

I am leaving you a picture of a cockroach which I found outside of my bedroom door yesterday.
Name : Cockroach #3
Cause of death : unknown