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I Think I Married My Father

By Ling

There are unproven theories which state that women tend to marry men who remind them of their father.   Previously I have dated the Bad Boy, the Mummy’s Boy, the Commitment-Phobic Boy…but I never realised I had married the You’re-Just-Like-My-Father Boy until recently.

Here are the signs why I think I married my father :-

Dad, Bro 7, Hubby - ARGH! They look alike!

1.  Photographic evidence shows that they look alike.  They are of similar stature and height with the Chinese hair, eyes and flattened noses.  (Yeah, I know – all Chinese people look the same – har-de-har!)

2.  My Dad loves playing with children.  The hubby loves playing with children.  (No, they are not paedophiles, thank you very much!)

3.  When they are both concentrating on something, they go silent and don’t talk nor respond to any questions. –  (or is it because men cannot multi-task?)

4.  My Dad likes to spend time reading a newspaper while he is doing his morning dump.  Yesterday morning, I found one of my magazines in the toilet after the hubby had been in there doing his business!  Gross, I know!!

5.  I like to create a mess wherever I go.  I like being messy.  It’s like creative art.  Well, my Dad and the hubby both do not agree.  They both tell me off for making a mess.  And it’s weird how they use similar mannerisms in telling me off.  *shudder*

6.  ”Turn off the light if you’re not in the room.  Stop wasting money on electricity.”  - these same words uttered by both my father and my husband to me!

7.  Whenever I say, “I don’t feel well“, they both say, “Put some more clothes on!”  DUDES, I am not walking around naked!  I have got clothes on!!!!

8.  They are both tight with money when I say that I want to go shopping for new clothes!  (Ooh, wait!  Next time they tell me to put more clothes on because I am not feeling well, I shall demand money to go shopping!  Yay!)

9.  When my Mum starts nagging, my Dad rolls his eyes and ignores her.  When I start nagging, my husband rolls his eyes and ignores me.

10.  Whenever I do anything to upset or anger my Dad or my husband, they both get grumpy, but I know deep down that they both still love me.  Awww… (Side note :  Today I heard the husband sing, “Cause you’re amazing just the way you are” by Bruno Mars.  Thanks!  I know I am!)

In conclusion :  Yes, I did marry my father but that’s great because my Dad is the bestest!


By Ling

WTF is defined as the acronym of what the f*ck

I got WTF moments all day, in order of occurrence.

1.  As soon as work is over, Dentist Ling mode is switched off.  This morning, on my day off, I woke at 8.30am and then, called one of my dentist friends  Miss VeeBee and we talked about work, work and more work!!
WTF?  (we only stopped talking because she had to go to work!)

2.  Not only did Miss VeeBee and I discuss work, but we discussed doing this postgraduate dental exam (you know the ones which give you more letters after your name).  The thing is, I actually persuaded her to do the exam, then I changed my mind, so then I persuaded her NOT to do the exam and now, I’ve changed my mind AGAIN so now we’re planning to sit the exam in 2 months!!!
WTF?  (I have to start studying NOW!)

3.  I am such a tightwad that I won’t pay extortionate amounts of money for designer labels.  I’d rather buy cheapy clothes/bags/shoes/etc and get lotsa of goodies with my money than one expensive designer item.  I also think it is tacky to buy fake designer stuff.  I was in Hong Kong recently and I bought 2 fake ‘designer’ Chloe handbags!  (*gasp*)  I actually thought my sister would want it – she didn’t.  I was going to give it away – but who would want it?  I felt fake about using a fake designer handbag but today, I took one out for a walk and I actually admired the fakeness of it!!
WTF?  (I have become TACKY Ling!)

4.  Today, on my day off, my parents booked a flat-viewing and I was dragged along too.  I’m not into this property business  especially when my parents are so overprotective that they have refused my requests to move out the family home for the last 4 years.  An hour later, I became the owner to this brand new flat with permission from my parents to move out.  The estate guy who showed us around said to my Mum that I didn’t look too enthusiastic.  No, I’m in delayed shock!
(delayed)…..WTF?  Buy a flat and I can move out??

5.  In the showrooms, there was this lovely flatscreen TV hanging on the wall and I said I wanted the same.  My Mum said that I could have the flatscreen TV which they bought a couple of weeks ago (they want a bigger screen).  Immediately, my Dad said “No way!  We need to buy a NEW one!” Both my Mum and I looked bewildered because a) the TV is brand new and b) my tightwad-ness is inherited from my Dad who is SUPER-DUPER-TIGHT!
WTF? x 2 (from Mum and I)

6.  You know how I’ve been harping on about the Big Plan?  Well, the new flat clashes with the Big Plan – especially on the money side of it.  My overprotective parents have not only approved the Big Plan but also, said they would help support me financially with the flat when the Big Plan happens!
Major WTF? (and questioning whether my parents have been abducted by aliens)

7.  12.41pm via SMS – “You’re so beautiful.”
wtf?  (not in CAPS because I know you secretly (not so secret now!) think that about me anyway)

8.  So I have been telling a few close friends about the Big Plan.  I met up with one of my friends today and my constant chat about the Big Plan has directly influenced her and she has come up with her Big Plan and this has also passed onto 2 of her other friends with their Big Plans!!!  What have I done???
WTF?  (I am so influential, I could be the next President of America in which  case, I would make every citizen read my blog!)

9.  My Mum called me during coffee with my friend to tell me to go to work in the takeaway ASAP because one of the staff members did not turn up for work without prior notice.
WhereTheF are you hiding you bad ass member of staff?

10.  It suddenly dawned on me while reflecting on today’s events and all about the Big Plan and stuff, that I am going to turn the BIG 3-0 next year!!!  Yes, next year!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most WTF? moment of the day

Squabbling Teenagers

By Ling

Sometimes I wonder if people’s parents are similar to my parents.

My Mum and Dad are like night and day.  Mum works during the day (i.e. housewife) and Dad works at night (i.e. chef at a Chinese takeaway)

So you would think that they would be happy to see each other…


It’s like World War III when they see each other.  They are always, always, always disagreeing about the tiniest littlest thing!!!!!

And then they just squibble squabble in loud RAISED voices!!

And it really does my head in!!

I actually have to tell them to shut up!!

They have a really fiery relationship.

They’re like squabbling teenagers!

But then even if they do fight constantly, they cannot live without each other.  I guess they just complement each other.  My Mum says she can’t imagine being with anyone else except my Dad…and vice versa…(but they don’t tell each other that)

I hope that one day, if or when I get married, I’ll have a loving relationship with my husband and that we won’t squabble over silly things – it’s so pointless!

Dear Mum and Dad,

Please grow up!

Punish Me : Day 8

By Ling

I’m not entirely sure but I think my parents return tonight….THANK GOD!!!

I am so so so so ready to hand back the 3 brothers to my Mum and Dad…except that isn’t entirely true either…because I will still have to babysit them when my parents work during the weekend.

And then my Dad is going to Hong Kong too to join the sisters…argh argh…and then it’ll just be me and the boys when my Mum has to work…argh argh…moan moan…

The state of the house is in a terrible mess.  Housework has totally piled up, but then I can only do so much.

Yes, Mr Geek was helpful for one entire day – and he even claimed that he was “enjoying this domesticated life” and that he wouldn’t mind having children in the future.  I became the total opposite of my usual “I want 6 babies!”

And now, WE BOTH don’t want kids!!!!!!!

It’s way too much responsibility for my immature and selfish personality.  If you have children, you can’t just go to bed early after a hard day at work…you can’t just go out with your friends when you want to…you can’t sit and watch TV all day….oh no!!!  They take up all your time….24/7….It is NOT easy at all….

I think I have aged 10 years this week…  check out my wrinkles!!