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The Ex Factor

By Ling

I know a guy.  He told me that he wouldn’t date until he found one special girl.  And this one girlfriend would be his only girlfriend because then she would become his wife.  I was a bit cynical about this…ahem…being an expert in failed relationships and all…haha…

In an ideal world, I only wanted to date one guy and I thought I was selective and careful in picking the right guy, but look where it’s got me.  Anyway, this guy recently got attached and it will be interesting to see if he will indeed marry this girl.  (EDIT : it didn’t last the distance because the guy bailed on the girl)

I have this weird habit of thinking about and relating and comparing things – it’s just this weird thing I do in my head.  I like to relate things to each other; find a common theme…it’s quite hard to explain…but I think it’s fun and it makes me witty when I write it in my diary…let me give you an example…

Last week, I had a CR@P week.  It was CR@P, not just because I was depressed about stuff, but also because CR@P stuff happened.  I was desperate for the toilet and went to this public toilet which had a floating CR@P, i.e. turd.  Also, one of my patients CR@PPED all over the toilet seat as she had bad diarrhoea but ran out of toilet paper!!!

You see, the common theme here is CR@P.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this the other day -  the ex-boyfriends.

Ex-Boyfriend # 1 – he is married with 2 kids
Ex-Boyfriend #2 – he is engaged
Ex-Boyfriend #3 – he is in a relationship
Ex-Boyfriend #4 – he is single (but for how much longer?)

The differences in their relationship statuses amused me for a while.

I like to see if there is a trend or pattern forming so I did some more thinking and came up with this :-

Ex-Boyfriend #1 – younger than me and Christian
Ex-Boyfriend #2 – older than me and non-Christian
Ex-Boyfriend #3 – older than me and non-Christian (at the time)
Ex-Boyfriend #4 – younger than me  and Christian

Interesting or what?

I have yet to date an older, Christian guy.

Being older and wiser in my choices, my next boyfriend would have to be Christian.  And they most likely will be younger than me; simply because I find them less boring and more fun.

I Wonder

By Ling

It’s the 4th day since I returned from my fantabulous holiday to Greece and Norway…(stories will remain locked in those countries forever between us…haha)

And in these 4 days, I have been asked, by various people in different social/working circles, EVERY day about the status of my love-life…

‘How’s the love-life?’ / ‘Any romance?’ / ‘Are you attached?’ / ‘Are you seeing anyone?’ / etc…

Why the SUDDEN interest??

Am I emitting some secret beacon which says :-

a)  I am loved up

b)  I am no longer desperately seeking Mr Right

c)  I can’t be assed with guys no more

d)  I am GAY

e)  Other (please specify)

Oh well, it doesn’t bother me.  I like all this attention.  It’s better than people asking me, ‘How’s work?’ (that’s like the most boring question EVER!)

I wonder if anyone will ask me about my love-life tomorrow.
I wonder if I will be tempted to lie or tell the truth just to see the look on their face.
I wonder if I will do that ANNOYING secret, coy smile manoeuvre some people do.
I wonder too much sometimes.
I hope I don’t wonder so much that I can’t sleep tonight because I get excited too easily about these things…hahaha…just goes to show what a SAD life I really lead…NOT!!!

Stop Giving Me Grief #2

By Ling

Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT desperately seeking for a new boyfriend. Yes, every day I am bombarded with people loved up, people getting engaged, people getting married…

In fact, the more I try to not think about love, the MORE I end up thinking about it.

Yes, I understand that I am turning  year older in a few weeks…the older I get, the more limited are my choices…blah blah…

I was at this wedding last week, watching the two happy lovebirds dancing happily, when my (married and pregnant) girlfriend Mrs Diva asked me, “Do you think you’ll get married before 30?”
“…(mumble grumble)…I dunno…”

SERIOUSLY how do I know??  Mrs Diva, what kind of question is that?  It’s a DUMB question I tell ya!

When I was younger, I wanted to be married at 25 and have my first baby at 27, whereas last year, Mrs Diva said she never wanted to have a baby but look at her now…

It’s so weird how things work out.
I was wondering if I would be happy to be single forever…

I think I am SO afraid of falling in love but then getting my heart broken again…

It’s not so easy anymore…

How can I trust you??  Hmm…???

I get the odd compliment  – Thanks, but really?  Do you REALLY really think so??
You like me??  – WHAT?  You like me LIKE me??  NO WAY!
You want me to be your girlfriend??  – ER?????  WHY???
You LOVE me??  – HAHA…funny!!!
You wanna marry me and spend the rest of your life with me??  -  HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!

Nearly 9 months of singledom!!!  WOW…the same time as pregnancy!!

My Mum is secretly worried that I will end up with any random guy as she thinks that I am oh-so-desperado
She likes to test my reactions so she will mention names of guys I hang out with and watch me to see if my eyes light up…hahaha…
But I don’t mind because she is looking out for me.  She knows that  I am incapable of making decisions and when I do, I make the wrong ones.  I am such a fool!…*gulps*…

Why is it some guys are only interested in being my friend when they want MORE than friendship??
And when I go and hang out with them, people like to comment and say that I AM LEADING THEM ON??!!!!

Erm…excuse me…someone think about ME!

What if THEY are leading me on?
What if THEY only want my company for ulterior motives, but when unreciprocated, they ditch me faster than a speeding bullet??
What if THEY make me feel like the most important girl in their world, but then change their mind later???

Please Compliment Me

By Ling

A compliment is defined as an expression of praise

Recently, I’ve turned into this ULTRA-insecure person.

I have to remind myself to NOT get upset over un-complimentary comments about my looks/figure/skin/age.
BUT the worst thing is…
I am FISHING for compliments.

(Note to self : Compliments are only TRUE compliments if they are given voluntarily, NOT UNDER DURESS!!)

Self-analysis reveals that there are two predisposing factors for my newly acquired insecurities :-

1.  Being single at my age makes me feel like Bridget Jones – old, fat and unwanted

2.  Being ill which explains my poor complexion, getting flabby from lack of exercise and that miserable look which is permanently on my face (only erasable once 100% healed – current status 89.5%)

BUT before any brave Ling suitors want to declare their undying love for me  (as if!), please save it for later, because I am not ready for a new relationship yet…

I have thought long and hard for a solution to my current situation.

How can I attract a guy at my age?
How can I feel good about myself?
How can I get toned without gymming?
How can I inject some much-needed fun into my life?
How can I get a new hobby?
How can I live without a man in my life?

Well…who needs a man?
I just need a pole!!!
- no male dancing partner required
- no males allowed to watch

Yes, I have found a solution – I am going to pole-dancing classes next month!!

My Mum already knows so you cannot blackmail me with this!!  Hahaha!

I’m just surprised she didn’t want to join in as well!!  HAHAHA!!!  – erase that image of my Mum pole-dancing PLEASE!!!!!