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Ended Before It Even Started #2

By Ling

Remember when I met Mr Udon – the potential boyfriend but we went on a few dates but nothing happened and then it was all over.    It ended because he had lied and I wasn’t ready to tell the story, but I am now…

Before you read on, you must promise not to judge me for my actions.

So, he left after he dropped the bombshell and we were going to wait till he returned and maybe start a relationship…

Anyway, I was thinking of sending him an email.  I went into the hotmail website, but then for some weird, absurd reason, in the username bit – I typed in HIS username.

Oh?  And then I thought, let me mess around and see if I can figure out his password.  The first try and I was in!!!  NO JOKE!!  It wasn’t easy like the name of his car or my name…it was a word that he had said one time which isn’t even a real word…

The point is, I had successfully hacked into his hotmail email account!!!  I went to the Inbox messages.  I saw an email sent from me.  There were emails from this guy…this girl…and lots of emails from this Japanese girl.  And no, I didn’t read any of these emails.

I went to the Sent messages.  Aww, his last email was to me.  The one before that was to his brother.

I did a bad thing.  I sneaked a peek to see what he wrote to his brother.  There was some subconscious thing in me, which wanted to know if he had mentioned me to his brother.  I read the email – Mr Udon had mentioned a girl in his email…Yep, a girl…not me though…

The email consisted of only one sentence :

” Ms Japan, my japanese girlfriend is pregnant…what should I do?”

I was soooooo confused???  I was, like….HUH???  What’s this????

I reread it.   Was Mr Udon’s brother’s Japanese girlfriend pregnant?  No…it was definitely Mr Udon’s Japanese girlfriend!!

It really shocked me.  I was stunned for half an hour and my heart sank and then, stupid me, I called him in Hong Kong to confront him.

“I know you’re going out with a Japanese girl…”
“What?  Who’s been gossiping about me now??”
“Just admit it!!!”

I was telling myself that if he admitted it, then maybe things could be salvageable.  I was ready to forgive him…

“Look…I know she’s pregnant!!”
“What?  hahahahahahahahahah…That’s just ridiculous!!”

And he denied it!!!!!!!  ALL of it!!!!

I think what I wanted him to say was, “Yes, Ling.  I made a mistake…but we stopped seeing each other and then I met you….and NOW she’s found out she’s pregnant…but I wanna be with you…”

…but he lied…and made me feel like a fool…like I’m so stupid for believing gossip……

….and he STILL sent me text messages and stuff….and saying ‘lovey dovey’ stuff……

I just felt sick….”Mr Udon.  I really CANNOT and WILL NOT be your girlfriend…Sorry…”

….and I prayed really hard………for him…for her…for the unborn baby…

…..and I really didn’t want any contact with him afterwards….

…he persisted for a while………..and then some…

Some of his last words to me were…

“I’m sorry I could never live up to your criteria for your perfect boyfriend!!  I am sorry I am NOT chinese!  Tell your parents I’m sorry I’m not some rich chinese doctor!”

He made it out that I was the one being picky….like it wasn’t his fault that ‘we’ didn’t happen….

…and I was unhappy…I just felt really ugly and unwanted…like, how can some guy just come into my life and just LIE LIE LIE to me…???  There was me, telling everyone EVERYONE, that I met some wonderful guy who could be a BOYFRIEND……and then it didn’t happen….

…but I believe he is a nice guy…everyone makes mistakes…

…and thank GOD we didn’t become ‘we’…!!!

…oh and he changed his password..and something even freakier….I ALSO figured out one of his friend’s passwords too!!!  And I haven’t even met her…it was a ‘one try’ thing too…!!!  I was bored okay?  I’m not a hacker!!!  I am too smart for my own good sometimes, but this time, good thing I was sneaky!!  Imagine I was still oblivious and ended up with him…*shudder*

In conclusion : I’m in a happier place and also – Happy 4th month anniversary to Mr Geek and I!!

Open Relationship

By Ling

Open relationship is defined as a relationship where the two participants are free to date other people

Mr Geek and I have jointly decided that we are going to have an open relationship.  As stated in the above definition,  we are allowed to date other people, but we will still officially be going out with each other.

“Flirt alert” = the inner alarm which starts beeping in Ling’s head when she encounters a situation where flirting is involved in whatever shape, size and form – this flirting can be from Ling or the other party

The reason we came to this decision is simply because I had a flirt alert  with the following recently :-

1. Mr Pinch – my friend who saw me, didn’t say hi and pinched me and then walked away = flirt alert

2. Mr American Piano – he’s a friend of  Mr Pinch – I met him when he was playing the piano and singing – he gave me a cheeky smile = flirt alert

3.  Mr Compliment – he complimented my hair = flirt alert

4.  Mr Origami – he folded a paper rose and gave it to me = flirt alert

5.  Mr Big Feet – another friend of Mr Pinch – he has big feet which means manliness which means I like = flirt alert

6.  Miss Geek’s Sister – she kissed me on the cheek yesterday and pinched my ass = MAJOR flirt alert

7.  Miss Koyoti – my hot yellow Polo car – my sister stole her but she was returned back to her true love, me = flirt alert

Wait, wait, wait – before any accuses me of being a shameless flirt, I’d just like to point out that Mr Geek, my boyfriend, engaged in flirt alert too.

Remember Gobi from here, here, here, here, here AND here?  (If not, you’re supposed to click on the “here”s because I’ve kindly linked it for you…)

Well, Mr Geek met him recently and he actually said that Gobi is “rather good-looking!” Like EWWW!!  Flirt alert or what?

Anyway, let the open relationship begin…I’m free on Thursday, so anyone wanna hook up?  *wink*

Dear Neglected Friend #2

By Ling

The problem with blogs is that they are public online documents for everyone to read.  Some people never publish blogs about the nitty-gritty deep stuff.  But I like it when people know my business.  I am just open.  It’s like an extract from Bridget Jones’ Diary without the granny knickers!

Anyway, I found this on my boyfriend, Mr Geek’s blog :-

I have also committed the sin of neglecting my dear family and friends in my pursuit of happiness…

That’s quite sad to hear…

I feel kinda awful…maybe I take up too much of his time…Sorry…

Maybe he should get his friends to slap him silly – I gave my friend permission here.

Fancy #2

By Ling

I have unintentionally offended a lot of people with my last post.

I would just like to clarify that I have NEVER said that my dear boyfriend is UGLY!!!!!   He is so NOT ugly!!!!!  In fact, he is probably way better looking than the type of boyfriend material I usually go for.

I call him Mr Geek because he is a geek.  I think he has a good heart and an amazing smile.  What I meant when I said that I didn’t FANCY Mr Geek was simply the fact that I don’t fancy him.  I am not attracted to his looks and stuff but I am attracted to his inside.  Yes, most relationships are based on what we see physically, i.e. physical attraction, but I can honestly say that I don’t.  I am attracted to what I see inside before I look on the outside.

Good-looking boyfriends are hard to maintain.  There is also too much competition from other girls, so I prefer not-so-good-looking guys…