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Timing Is A BEEP!

By Ling

Timing is a BEEP!

Do you want to know why?

Timing is a BEEP! #1

I was bumming around in Sydney on my lonesome…eating out alone…seeing sights alone…taking photos alone…(when my friends were working or studying).  Then I got a job and I started work on 9th December 2009 and guess what?  Sis 4, arrived in Sydney the next day! She bummed around in my flat or did things on her lonesome when I was at work.

I had a week off work for Christmas and New Year, so we were able to spend some time together visiting New Zealand.

Timing is a BEEP! #2
And then my Norwegian friend, Mr Norway, arrived in Sydney to pay me a visit.  He arrived on the first day I started back at work after the holidays.

Good thing is, Sis 4 and Mr Norway had each other to sightsee with.

Timing is a BEEP! #3

But this is taking the mickey…I just found out that I am finishing up work next week instead of mid-February because the dentist I am covering for, is feeling better after heart surgery.  Sis 4 leaves on the 20th January.  I finish work on the 21st January.   Mr Norway leaves on the 23rd January.

Timing is a BEEP! #4
This one is major BEEP!  My UK dental registration payment was due on 31st December 2009.  My Dad only showed Sis 2 the letter on the 29th December. She tried to contact me but I had just changed my phone number PLUS there was no internet access in New Zealand (we were up north) and some miscommunication later, the payment was not made.  I found this out on 2nd January 2010.  It means that I am now no longer eligible to work in the UK unless I pay triple the fee PLUS get a health medical examination PLUS some character references PLUS lots of paperwork.

In conclusion : BEEP!!!

Confessions Of A Worker

By Ling

“How’s work?”

My usual answer is, “Fine, okay.”

Then the next question is, “Is it busy?

“Not bad.”

…and hopefully, that is the end of work talk.

BUT seriously, my REAL answer to that boring question is so UN-interesting; but if you insist, then this is what I am currently thinking about how work is.

My back and neck are killing me because I had to do some difficult treatment on this tooth the other day.  Want to give me a massage?

For once in my life, a headmaster said I was a “GENIUS” (thrice!!!) as I did some amazing cosmetic dental work on her!

I work with too many females and you know what that means!  Gossip / two-faced-ness / mood swings – I just don’t get it…the work is stressful enough without having to get stressed with female colleagues and their behaviour.

Two words :  Work Politics.  End of.

Last month’s pay …oh yeah!

Went for drinks after work yesterday and one of my patients served me and flirted with me and stuff…erm…no thanks!  He looks okay but open his mouth and well, need I say more?

And that’s all I am thinking about work at present.

Isn’t it sad that on my day off, I am writing about what I think about work!

Hello?  Day off.  Work?  Who cares?  Not me, that’s for sure!

In conclusion :  I work to live, not live to work.

Bad Breath

By Ling

I have this dilemma.

I have a friend with bad breath.

And it’s bad breath associated with bad gums – I can tell from the smell.

I am not entirely sure whether they read my blog but if s/he does, I apologise.

But please please please, get help!

I have already subtly hinted to them, but it’s fallen into deaf ears.

Bad breath can be a sign of bad gums which can lead to loose teeth which can eventually make you lose your teeth ( = periodontitis)!!!

To see whether you have bad breath, here are some tests :-

1.  Lick the inside of your wrist and wait 2 minutes.  Smell it.  If it smells, you have bad breath.
(Doesn’t work if you have a blocked nose)

2.  If you are of Oriental descent and you haven’t been to a dentist for > 2 years plus you don’t floss regularly, then it’s likely that you have bad gums which can give you bad breath.
(Oriental people have raging gum disease!)

3.  If you get bleeding gums often when you brush, then it’s an early sign of gum disease.  Healthy gums are nicely firm and pink.  Unhealthy gums are of red raw colour.

4.  Go to mirror.  Tilt your chin down and look at the back (i.e. tongue side) of your lower teeth.  If you see yellowish deposits in-between your teeth, that is tartar (= calculus) which can lead to bad gums.  If there is a gross build up and it is more dark yellow/brown, this is bad…see dentist immediately!

5.  Check out your parents’ teeth – missing teeth / shrinking gums / loose teeth / bad breath => you are in danger!  Gum disease can be hereditary!
(Poor me has inherited my Mum’s bad gums!!!  But my gums have been stabilised by regular treatment)

6.  Talk to your friends.  If you notice that they don’t maintain eye contact or turn away slightly when you talk, it might mean that they’re trying to take in fresh air and not die from your bad breath!
(and yes, I admit that I do this to people with bad breath)

7.  If you’re still unsure, come see me and ask me to do the Breath Test.  If you pass the Breath Test from my sensitive nose, you should be fine!
(this service will be provided free of charge as long as I don’t get intoxicated!)

How to help your bad gums

1.  Go to dentist/hygienist regularly
2.  Brush and floss every day

- Mouthwash is largely ineffective and just a rip-off
- If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, you may have to use chlorhexidine mouthwash for a short period of time; but don’t use it unless you’ve been advised as it has bad side effects
- Mouthwash which “apparently” highlights the bacteria in your mouth and rinses them away is a lie…there’s tons of bacteria in your mouth…they just live there…end of!
- If you still insist on wasting your money to buy mouthwash (even after I’ve advised you after I researched this at university and got a good grade for my essay), then check the mouthwash contents carefully. Alcohol in the mouthwash (to make your mouth feel fresh) will eventually dry out your mouth, which will eventually lead to bad breath and you will fall into that vicious cycle of using more and more mouthwash!

Bad breath does NOT equate to bad gums.

1.  Check your diet – is it low in fresh fruit and vegetables?
2.  What is your fluid intake?  Drink water, not coffee
3.  Maybe you have underlying illness – see your doctor

(Disclaimer : Ling is not liable for anyone’s dental / eating habits after reading this blog and Ling cannot be sued for any comments made and Ling does not claim to be a guru of bad breath and bad gums)

What’s In A Name?

By Ling

I won’t go to the waiting room and call my patient through.

I did it in my first week of work and discovered that :-

1.  My timid voice didn’t project well and I had to repeat names countless times before anyone responded

2.  When the patient followed me and walked into the surgery, they thought that I was the nurse and that my nurse was the dentist!  I either have a youthful face or a “dental nurse” look about me…

As a result, I insist that my nurse calls my patients through while I wait at my surgery door.

All my other dentist colleagues have no problem calling patients through…but maybe they’ll change their mind after finding this out :-

One day, the receptionist and some nurses decided to play a trick on one of my colleagues, Dr M.

Dr M is a dentist, who is currently in his final year of medicine (he wants to be an oral maxillofacial surgeon so they have to do two professional university degrees – dentistry AND medicine).

One Monday night, the receptionist and nurses made up an imaginary patient and filled out a medical history form for this imaginary patient.  Dr M went to the waiting room to get this patient.

He called out this patient’s name, but no-one responded, and so he called out their name again.  Some of the waiting patients looked up and had an amused look on their faces and then there was a huge fit of giggles from the nurses and receptionist…

Two seconds later, the penny dropped and a huge embarrassed grin emerged from Dr M.

Dr M was looking for a patient named…..

Drew Peacock