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By Ling

Freaky Ling

Doppelganger is defined as a ghostly double of a living person

Last week, I was chatting to the boyfriend.  What we like to do is, talk on the phone whilst seeing each other on video chat via Skype.  The Skype line has bad interference and that’s why we use the mobile phone too.  But because we’re on the same mobile network, it’s free to call each other.  Virgin mobiles FTW!

Anyway, I went upstairs to the bathroom to brush my teeth and continued to talk to him and left Skype running.  Five minutes later, as I was rinsing out my mouth, the following happened :

Me : (water running rinsing spitting noise)
Him :  Hey, I thought you were in the bathroom…
Me :  Hm?  Yes, I am…
Him :  Don’t lie.  I just saw you on Skype…
Me :  (I nearly choked) NO WAY!!!  I’m in the toilet
Him :  What?  You’re wearing a blue dress right?
Me :  Y-y-yes…
Him :  Oh!  Skype just cut off!
Me :  Stop it!  Don’t scare me!!
Him :  I’m not…I saw you in your blue dress!!
Me :  SHUT UP!!!  Really????????
Him :  Yes…
Me :  OMG!  I’m so scared!!
Him :  No, it’s okay…it’s okay…maybe I imagined it?
Me :  How can you imagine me with a blue dress??  FREAKY!!!

So I head downstairs…legs like jelly…I go into my room…check the wardrobes, check under the bed…nothing…

The freaky thing is – my laptop was facing the fireplace…it wasn’t as if it was facing the door and maybe one of my flatmates wandered in.

I was SO scared!  Especially as my guy friends and I have recently been watching horror movies like Hellraiser and The Exorcist.

According to the boyfriend, he saw the long black hair…the blue dress…and then my face went up to the screen!!!  My friend said maybe Skype was lagging…but it had been over 5 minutes…

Maybe I have a doppelganger…???  According to wiki :-

Doppelganger is used to describe the sensation of having glimpsed at oneself in peripheral vision, in a position where there is no chance that it could have been a reflection.  They are generally regarded as harbingers of bad luck.  In some traditions, a doppelgänger seen by a person’s friends or relatives portends illness or danger, while seeing one’s own doppelgänger is an omen of death.  In Norse mythology, a vardøger is a ghostly double who precedes a living person and is seen performing their actions in advance.

I am actually semi-scared to look at my own reflection now…in case it has a mind of its own and does something else…

If anyone has any other explanation or has had a similar experience, please share.

Spray Me

By Ling

Like most girls, I freak out when I see any creepy crawlies or insects.  So what on earth am I doing in Australia??  It’s the land of multi-legged freaks and scary flying creatures of all shapes and sizes!  For example, there are bats in the park!!

Anyway, even in the comfort of my own bedroom, I am not safe!  I have had to protect myself from crazy creatures of all sorts by a number of spraying techniques.

1.  The Fly
Okay, admittedly a normal fly is pretty harmless but after a while, the buzzing noises get irritating especially when you’re trying to sleep.  Anyway, one night I heard this constant buzzing and I got up to investigate.  I found this gigantic fly in my room buzzing about.  I love my celebrity magazines and didn’t want to use them to kill this fly so I decided to use hairspray.  BIG mistake!  The hairspray made the fly go hyper and it went to super-duper-buzz mode and was bouncing off the walls!!!  Hairspray – FAIL!

2.  The Ants
Again, you might think ants are pretty harmless…but not when there’s an army of ants in your pants!  Okay, I exaggerate…there were no ants in my pants but there was a big trail of ants coming in through my permanently-opened window.  They were climbing up and down the curtains building an ant colony??  Who knows?   Anyway, I had a can of insect-repellent spray and used it to spray all over the window ledge.  Yes, it did stop the ants from coming in through the window…but they started entering through some other crack in the wall.  Argh!  And the effects of the repellent is only temporary and does not last forever.  Insect-repellent spray – FAIL!

3.  The Cockroach #1
I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom when I suddenly noticed this cockroach looking at me.  I screamed, spat out my toothpaste and grabbed the nearest spray on the shelf and sprayed it.  The cockroach did not die and scuttled away.  I looked at the spray – deodorant…damn it, well, at least, there’s one cockroach out there who smells likes roses and attracting the ladies!  LOL.  Deodorant spray – FAIL!

4.  The Cockroach #2
For some reason, the cockroaches in Australia are extremely perverted and they like to lurk in bathrooms!  I was taking a shower when this cockroach decided to join me by climbing up the glass shower screen.  By this time, I was screaming like the woman in Psycho, but just like the movie, no-one was around to rescue me from this beast.  I was naked and wet and helpless.  I looked around for the nearest weapon – the shower spray!  I thought the hot water would boil it alive, but unfortunately, it didn’t.  And now, there’s not only a deodorant-smelling cockroach in Sydney, but there’s also a freshly-washed cockroach out there roaming the streets.  Shower spray – FAIL!

All these sprays have proved to be useless…but now I am the owner of a big can of insect-killing spray!  Oh yeah!

What are your tried and tested methods of killing these nasty beasties?  Please share!

I am leaving you a picture of a cockroach which I found outside of my bedroom door yesterday.
Name : Cockroach #3
Cause of death : unknown


By Ling

Copycat is defined as someone who copies the behaviour of another person

I  have tried to blog about my travels, but it has been really difficult due to a) limited access to the internet and b) difficulty finding time to blog…

I have always dreamt of publishing a novel and I adore writing – writing short stories, writing in my personal diary and writing my blog…

So I gave up my job, started travelling and I have immense amounts of free time…but what happens?

There are so many things I can blog about with the travels.  Instead, I want to take this time to rant about Mr Player.

If you haven’t been following my blog, I am going to give a quick recap.

Mr Player and I became friends last year after he asked me out for a drink . Basically I told him he wasn’t my type, so we became buddies.  I say BUDDY, but I think he was still hoping for some chance (NO WAY!).  Anyway, I made the mistake of telling him my plans to travel to Australia – because he was supposed to go to Korea to teach English (he went for an interview and got the job).  He cancelled the job and decided to LATCH onto me for my travelling plans!

We used to be able to have a good laugh, but after travelling together for a few days and being in each others’ faces 24/7, you soon start to see what that person is really like.  Read here.

Long story short – I think he’s a total d*ck and he thinks I’m a total b*tch – it’s okay, we tell each other that constantly.

WHAT I REALLY HATE IS – People think we are a couple – so to avoid this problem, we are now “cousins” (he DOES call my Mum “Auntie” so it’s a half-truth)

When we arrived in Sydney, Australia, I knew a few friends so we started hanging out with them, but I left to go travelling back in Asia – Hong Kong / Taiwan / Korea – whereas Mr Player stayed on to start his life there.

I am now currently back in Australia.   OMG!  Mr Player has started to do my head in AGAIN!  Why?


Evidence :-

1.  New people always ask me why I am in Australia.  I USED to say that I was hoping to “settle in Australia”.  He used to have a different answer, but then he also started using these exact same words (okay, this is fine because that may be true)

2. But now, I have changed my mind and started to say “I am here for 6 months to see what Australia has to offer me” and guess what?  He has STARTED to say the same words too!!!

3.  So when I came back to Australia for the second time after travelling in Asia, I said I may not stay as I wanted to go teach English in a foreign country.  On the very next day, Mr Player declares he is off to China to teach English!!!! WTF??!!!  (I bet he won’t go unless I go!)

4.  I am currently flat-hunting and I went to Bondi Junction and fell in love with it.  He is also looking to rent somewhere else as he wanted to be closer to the city.  I would see flat ads near the city and send it to him, but he would say they were not within WALKING distance to the city.  After I declared Bondi to be my dream place to live, Mr Player has  also been saying he wants to move to Bondi TOO!!!! Get lost!!  Bondi is definitely NOT within walking distance to the city.  It takes at least 15 minutes of public transport!!

5.  But then, I decided that I liked this place called Newtown because it reminds me of Glasgow’s West End. It is kind of near the city, but not within walking distance.  Guess what?  I just overhead him saying to his flatmate that he is looking for a flat in Newtown!!

6.  Another thing – Mr Player had been moaning about how he didn’t want to hang around with the same Aussie people.  Anyway, I met them the other day and thought they were cool and told him.  He then said, “Oh yeah, I’m glad I found them!” A change in tune again!

COPYCAT?  Yes I seriously think so!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I am not crazy but he is starting to drive me crazy!


From now on, I intend to keep my mouth shut about any new plans I may have because I do not want him lurking around, copying my every move.

In conclusion : Imitation is a form of flattery, but not when it’s from Mr Player – that is just C-R-E-E-P-Y!

How To Conquer Fears

By Ling

I am a big scaredy cat!

However, last year after life-changing events, I decided to try and conquer fears every time I go to another country.

Here are the examples of how I confront and conquer fears :-

  1. I am scared of the waters and I can’t swim but in Greece July 2008, I went scuba diving.
  2. I am scared of heights and rollercoaster rides but in Singapore December 2008, I went on this open-air skyride and saw amazing views of the city’s man-made beach Sentosa.
  3. I am scared of animals – small and big.  A dog coming near me has made me cry in front of all my friends. It’s like they can smell my fear!
    Today in Chiang Mai, Thailand, this is what I did to confront and conquer my fear of animals :-
  • I voluntarily fed an elephant AND let an elephant lift me up with it’s trunk AND rode on an elephant BAREBACK on my own!
  • I stroked medium and large-sized tigers.  They were called Sausage and Meatball. I tickled and massaged their stomachs till they turned over onto their backs and put their paws up in the air.
  • I let a big monkey sit on my lap.  Then I held this 1-month-old baby monkey named Ling Ling and watched it crawl up and down my arms, back, shoulders and head.  It was so darn cute.  When I held it in my hands for a photo, it got scared and it peed!  Lovely!
  • I did all of this without my usual whining and squealing and running away from an animal!  And all in one day!

Please be proud of my achievements because I am!

*big smile*

Ling & Ling Ling the baby monkey