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Confessions Of The Red Dress

By Ling

Ling And The Red Dress And Apple Pie



Okay, okay…some people have asked me why I wore that red dress to the gym for Body Pump, a weight-lifting class.  It’s time to confess the truth.

On the night before the gym
At 10pm, I showered and wore the red dress, in anticipation to go out and meet my friends for some late night munchies in Chinatown.  However, I got sleepy and went to bed wearing the red dress.

On the day of the gym
Everyone has those lazy days where they wake up and wear their PJs all day.  My PJs happened to be the red dress, so I wore it all day…yep, I went to the gym at 4pm wearing the red dress.  When I returned from the sweaty workout, I wore that red dress till shower time at 10pm.  And that’s my 24 hour adventure with the red dress.

What would you NEVER wear to the gym?

Rekindled Love Affair

By Ling

So, I don’t get it…I don’t even know why I like you?
It was never love at first sight…
Gradually, as I spent more time in your presence, I became attracted to you..*blush*

Attraction?  Sorry, I meant obsession *giggle*
I changed my plans to accommodate you.
I even cancelled dinner dates with my friends to see you.
I would finish up work, get changed out of my work clothes and rush to you…
Usually, you make my heart beat real fast…
Sometimes, you even took my breath away…
People started to notice the change in me…you know, the brighter smile and the twinkly eyes…
We had such a great relationship together…

But then, suddenly…I had to stop seeing you…
I missed you at first…I really really did…
But then my love grew cold.
I forgot how good you once made me feel.
I knew you were there…but I knew I had to come to you…because you would never come to me…
Always me coming to you at your specified time and days…

After ignoring you for 4 months, I came to you two weeks ago…
I was a bit nervous at first.
I felt a bit weird…felt out of place…
But within minutes, you got me dizzy with excitement…all those old feelings returned…you filled me with happy thoughts…and you got me all hot and sweaty *wink*

So, once again, it’s me and you…yay…well, at least for another year…

…my love/hate relationship with the gym…

In conclusion : Today, I renewed my annual gym membership – bring it on!!

Gymme More

By Ling

I am so lazy that…

…sometimes when I run out of clean underwear (because I can’t be bothered taking my dirty laundry downstairs for someone in my family to wash it), I go and buy new undies (yep, instead of doing the laundry)

…I use my mobile phone to call the house phone to get my brother to bring me up a drink because I can’t physically detach my ass from the couch and go downstairs!

…a spider which I killed last week is decomposing right next to my pillow because I can’t be bothered cleaning it up!

…I spent lots of money on a Gym membership and didn’t use it for a year but didn’t cancel it because I wouldn’t pick up the phone and call them to cancel it.

So…the second year of the Gym membership continued….and then, I started going once a month, then twice a month, then stopped for months, then once a week, then off again, and now, I’m back on track again!

Oh yeah!!!

When I go to the Gym, I don’t actually do the boring Gym stuff like treadmill, bike, weights stuff….
I do Gym classes – Body Attack / Body Pump / Body Step / Body Combat

I used to stand there with my hair flowing and huff and puff a bit, but then got lazy after the warm-up and then, just stood there watching the class.  I didn’t break a sweat!!

But now, I’m not saying I’m uber-fit (far from it), but I’ve started to enjoy going there…

I know I’ve been enjoying the Gym too much when :-

1.  I start sweating during the class and I HAVE to tie my hair back so it doesn’t stick to my face

2.  I make up excuses to not meet my friends for dinner TWICE in one week so I can go to the Gym

3.  The gym instructor with his big veiny muscly body suddenly starts to look kinda cute

4.  I start wearing trainers instead of sensible black shoes to work so I can go straight to the Gym after work

5.   One hour workouts aren’t long enough so I start doing two hours

6.  I get annoyed with people who talk during the class because they are disturbing my concentration

7.  I start moving closer and closer to the front of the class because people are obstructing my view

8.   I wish it was a Gym day instead of a chill-out day

9.   I blog about the gym and use a capital G!!

Hmm…if only I could channel this renewed energy I have for the Gym into other parts of my lazy life…

I turn round and glance at that dead spider corpse and pause for a second…nah, can’t be bothered…maybe I’ll clean that up tomorrow…

Burning Calories

By Ling

I have been doing waaaaaaaay too much exercise lately!!  Calories have just been burning off me…check this out and be impressed please!!

1.  Walking

  • Sis 4 and I were in Florida – we walked lots and lots and lots in…Disney parks, Seaworld, malls…
  • We also walked a lot in restaurants – about 20-odd trips to the big buffet tables…hahahaha…

2.  Running

  • Those American highways are deadly!!  There were 8 lanes to cross the road from our hotel to go to all the nice restaurants.  We pressed the button to assist us in crossing the road BUT the green man only came on for 5 seconds!!  5 seconds!!  We scrammed across the road giggling and screaming every time!!
  • But it was worth it every time because of F-O-O-D!!!!

3.  Miniature Golf

  • Okay, playing golf isn’t usually sweat-inducing…but it IS when you’re baking in the Florida sun AND at the same time, trying to run away from the nasteee mosquitoes

4.  Ceilidh Dancing

  • I danced with lots of young handsome men and pretty girls yesterday at our Church Student Welcome Night.  The poor boyfriend had to work night shifts but I did have one dance with him before he left for work.
  • It was indeed a very sweaty affair, but I just love how a ceilidh makes everyone smile!!

5.  Body Attack Exercise Class

  • My girl-friends and I did the 9.15am Saturday morning exercise class today!!
  • I was tired after the second song, so I began to slack off….until near the end of the class, we suddenly saw Mr Geek staring through the window door.  He had just finished his shift and decided to surprise me…and it was at that moment, I worked really hard…for the last 10 minutes!!  hehehe…

6.  Boxing Being A Punchbag

  • I found Mr Geek sleeping on the couch so I approached him with the intention of putting a blanket on him.  I got nearer and then suddenly KAPOW!  He punched me right between my nose and lip and scratched me with his watch!
  • “Argh!  Am I bleeding???!!” – I wasn’t…thank God!  He said he was half-asleep but felt something move towards him and his fist instinctively lashed out!  He has got one powerful punch!!

7.  Mad Dash To Pack

  • Yes, so back to Florida…
  • On Tuesday, Sis 4 and I had planned to go to Universal Studios – but then we decided to take it easy and sunbathe and buy souvenirs  as it would be our last day.
  • We slept in and didn’t get up at our usual 7.30am.
  • The phone rang at 11.30am.  Sis 4 answered it but there was no-one there.  11.45am, the phone rings again.  I’m half-asleep, but I realise that you have to press the flashing button to answer the phone…

- “Hello?”
- “Is that Mrs Tung?” (NO! It’s Ms!!)
- “Er, yeah?
- “We are waiting for you outside”
- “Why?”
- “Bus to the airport”
- “I’m not leaving today!”
- “Oh…so has there been a mix-up?”
- “Yes!  I am arriving in Glasgow tomorrow morning……..oh no!”
- “Yes, so you are leaving today!”
- “OOOOOOH!  We’ll be down in 10 minutes!!!”
- “Oh, but we have to leave now!”
- “Okay, give us 5 minutes!!!!!”

  • You see, we were due to arrive back in Glasgow on Wednesday 7.30am…Because of the time difference (-5 hours), I had it in my head that we were leaving on the Wednesday too…!!!  It’s crazy!!!  I read my ticket a thousand times, but it just didn’t register that I was leaving on Tuesday!!!
  • We had 5 minutes to throw everything into our suitcases and check out the hotel and get on the bus!!
  • Thank God we made it home safely!  Oh and yeah, the bus driver got a big tip!!
  • That really got my heart pumping…the best form of cardio exercise ever!!!!

8.  Swimming With Dolphins

  • Okay, okay…everyone knows I can’t swim!  But I’m planning to learn because when we were at Seaworld, I fell in love with the dolphins and I even touched them!!!  That’s a giant step for me…touching a living being (that is not human)!!!!
  • Anyway, I have tried countless times to learn to swim, but I have always failed!  I have a problem with the germs in the water.  Yes, I know about chlorine but it still grosses me out….Peoples’ dirty bits etc…yuk!!!
  • And then I can’t see a scooby without my glasses, and so, I get dizzy trying to get my eyes to focus.  The last time I went into a pool was 2004 and it took me half an hour to get my whole body in there…and then, 2 minutes later, I felt seasick!
  • What can I do???