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Welcome To Me

By Ling

Last year, I moved out of the family home in Glasgow and started university 1.5 hours drive away in the city of discovery – Dundee.  It was here where I discovered the Internet.   Email and ICQ became two of my new best friends…until I was introduced to the BLOG.

A blog is defined as an online journal

Writing a diary has been a habit of mine since the beginning of time.

Thank you inventors of the blog – you have changed my life forever and always!  I LOVE IT!!

Welcome to my blog where I plan to share important moments of my life with you.  I have always wanted to be a writer so this is a dream come true.  Wahey!

Let me introduce myself with 5 short sentences :-

  1. My full name is Ling Yen Tung – but just call me Ling.
  2. I am a British Born Chinese female.
  3. I am 20-something…
  4. I am studying to be a dentist.
  5. I like to eat and I pee a lot.