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I Am Happy When…

By Ling

I went to church today.  The church I grew up in.  The last time I was there was in April, when I was back in Scotland for a mini break with Mr Dorky.  Anyway, Pastor G commented that I looked happy and I am!  I mean, I am happy but I am also super-stressed with wedding planning (3 weeks to go and I have not yet booked a photographer!!) and it is stressful to be apart from Mr Dorky (I’m not a fan of long distance relationships because I am cold-hearted which means absence does not make my heart grow fonder!)

As I am a natural born pessimist, i.e. the glass is always half-empty, it can take a lot to make me happy and content.  Add to the fact that I like to consider myself to have a weird and unique way of thinking, lots of absurd things make me happy.  I am going to attempt to list the absurd things which make me happy instead of going to sleep.

I am happy when :-

  • I floss and a big chunk of meaty goodness comes flying out from my gums.
  • I burp really loudly and my friends think I am disgusting.
  • A facebook friend says, “You’re ALWAYS updating your facebook status…but you’re actually quite funny!“  (Basically any compliment with regards to anything I write makes me EXTREMELY happy!)
  • I hear one of my best friend, Mr Shrek’s laughter.  Seriously, it is contagious!  I should record it and let you hear it.
  • My siblings get embarrassed with me when I do something totally blonde.  I am not a typical eldest sibling of seven children.
  • My parents are in charge of the wedding.  My parents want this and that for the forthcoming wedding and some people may think it is OTT and that I, as the bride, should have a say to my own big day.  However, nothing pleases me more than when I please them.  And if it means wearing 6 dresses on the wedding day because my Mum insists, then yes, I will do it.
  • I pee really loudly.  It amuses me greatly.
  • I poo.  It feels like I am losing weight.
  • I have weird and absurd thoughts in my head which only make sense to me and nobody else will understand.  It makes me feel unique.
  • I am happy!  DUH!

Thinking About Previous Relationships

By Ling

Procrastinating is one of my favourite pastimes especially when I have something else to do, i.e. wedding planning.  Anyway, for the last week, I have been thinking about the previous relationships I have been in.  I think I have been in 4-5 relationships – but hey, who’s counting?  I think it was important for me to look back and be glad that I was no longer in that relationship.  I was happy that I had made peace with all of them.  Well, what I mean by that is, when the relationship ended, I offered my friendship – some took up the offer and some did not.  That was quite difficult for me to overcome because they had shared an important part in my life but then, after the relationship ended, the friendship had gone too.

Is it really that hard to maintain friendship with your exes?
Or is it because you do not want anything which may hinder or damage the new relationship you are in?

Yes, I am a bit strange.  I still wanted to be friends with the ex who beat me up.  I still wanted to be friends with the ex who dumped me for an older woman.  I still wanted to be friends with the ex who… (okay, let’s not drag up history!)

Sometimes, I wish I never met some of these guys…but then if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be where I am now!

So, I was reading someone’s blog and they said that they had facebook stalked their previous exes.  So what did I do?  I did the same thing.  Haha.

However, when I stumbled upon a photo of the ex with their current girlfriend/fiancee/wife, I did NOT think :-

1.  Gosh, she’s fat and ugly!  I am so much prettier than her!
2.  Dammit, he’s so hot.  I miss him.
3.  I hate his guts!  Ugh.  His face is repulsive.

Instead, I thought, “Aww.  They look great together.  I am so happy for them.” Seriously, I did.

Therefore, in conclusion, I hope that when one of my exes (or all the guys who have unsuccesfully pursued me – there is LONG list of them – JOKE!) facebook stalks me or reads this blog (you may be surprised how many of them read this!), they will also be happy for me and Mr Dorky’s forthcoming nuptials.

This sounds cheesy but I have a song dedicated to my previous ex-boyfriends, flings, crushes…(yes, Brad Pitt!)…


By Ling

Remember my farting post?

I submitted it to this dating website and it got posted today and I got so many glowing comments and it has made me so happy…you know, just to be appreciated for my writing…

Wow!  Here’s the link to my post – you’ve probably read it already but read those comments!  Now if only I could get the same amount of comments on this website…I’ll work on it…

Fart away!


Big Carbon Footprint

By Ling

Carbon footprint is defined as a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide produced by a person, organisation or state in a given time

My carbon footprint is BIG.

Since I left Glasgow on July 15th 2009, I have flown here, there and everywhere.

Glasgow to London to Hong Kong to Bangkok to Chiang Mai to Bangkok to Penang to Kuala Lumpur to Perth to Sydney to Melbourne to Singapore to Hong Kong to Kaohsiung to Hong Kong to Seoul to Hong Kong to Sydney to Melbourne to Sydney to Melbourne to Sydney to Auckland to Sydney to Brisbane to Sydney to Melbourne…

…and then tomorrow, back to Sydney and then wait another couple of weeks and then back to Melbourne and then Dubai and then Glasgow!

Yes, I am going home for a short and sweet visit!  I am looking forward to spend time with family and friends.  But at the same time, I am quite disappointed with some friends who never bothered with me after I left UK…but oh well, I guess it’s a true test of who your real friends are!

I wasn’t planning on going home so soon because I actually have a return ticket in July 2010, but for some bizarre reason, Mr Dorky, the boyfriend, booked these tickets within the first week of dating!!!  He is desperate to meet my family and friends and I hope they welcome him warmly.  I have warned them that Scottish people are crazy!  LOL…especially my family!!

Anyway, so back to the carbon footprint – after Glasgow, it’s Dubai to Melbourne to Hong Kong to Penang to Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong to London to Glasgow!

One year’s worth of travelling complete!  Bank account is depleted but I have gained a heckuva travelling experience and met lots of lovely friends and special people out there – y’all know who you are!

What happens after that?  Wait and see…