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Last Post In 2008

By Ling

For me, 2008 has had its up and downs and high and lows.

I’m off to another side of the world to end it with a HIGH!  Yes, I’m travelling to Hong Kong and Singapore on my own.

This means that in 2008 alone, I have been to Italy, Greece, Norway, Hong Kong and Singapore.  I have caught the travel bug…

And 2009 is going to be an interesting year.  I can already feel it in my bones.  I have a few things up my sleeve, so be prepared for some shockers.

Yay to GOD and to family and to newfound/existing friendships for their special *healing* powers which no doctor could ever heal!

Wishing you all a blessed 2009.

Mum Disowned Me

By Ling

She did!

It’s a long story but I am willing to share all.

Mr Geek and I spent two wonderful weeks in Malaysia.  Every day, Mr Geek and I ate at the best food places in Kuala Lumpur, chosen by his parents.  I am not scared of trying out new foods – good stuff was mangosteen and foie gras; bad stuff was jackfruit.

For our last dinner, we had to choose carefully.  What would I like to eat once more??

I actually wanted to try this amazing sushi buffet – come on!  All you can eat sushi!!!
But I was worried about the “what-ifs”…“What if the raw fish isn’t fresh and I get sick on the plane?”

Mr Geek wanted steak.  What is it with guys and meat??
Admittedly, the steak over there is fab!!  So we chose steak…

But due to time constraints (i.e. last minute packing), we ate at this Chinese place – seafood stuff.

A few hours later, we said bye his parents.

Half an hour into the flight, I suddenly woke from my sleep with a desperate urge to go to the toilet.

As soon as I locked the toilet cubicle, I vomited into the sink.

My tummy hurt.  It squeezed and shuddered till my eyes watered.

Not only was I violently sick, but not long afterwards, it came out the other end too (graphic details to follow)

This went on a vicious cycle for the whole entire flight from KL to Dubai (approx 8 hrs) – vomit / poop / vomit / poop and for two times  – both  vomit and poop at the same time!

The air hostess gave me 10 sick bags and a box of tissues when we landed in Dubai.

The fiance, being a doctor, has seen patients on the brink of death.  Thus, his reaction was “Just let it all out and drink some water” and he went back to sleep!!

I could barely move when we got to Dubai.  Any slight movement or any whiff of aeroplane food and I would start retching or my tummy churned.  I couldn’t eat or drink anything because it would come straight back up.  I was sick so much that the skin of the roof of my mouth was all burnt from the stomach acid.

I blame it on the Chinese food….although no-one else was sick…I blame it on the Chinese food because I puked every grain of rice back up and no food from lunchtime…

I had to lie on the floor at Dubai airport in the foetal position with a sick bag  next to me.

(Meanwhile, Mr Geek played with his Nintendo DS and occasionally rubbed my head)

With a fever raging in me, I limped onto the flight from Dubai to Glasgow (approx 7.5 hrs)

By then, I had less frequent trips to the toilet because there was nothing else to vomit or poop out.  Unfortunately, the tummy pain, headache, fever and queasiness was still there.  For 2 minutes in the toilet, I felt sorry for myself “Why me??” but then had to stop the tears because I felt sick!!! haha

Thank God, we landed safely in Glasgow.  We were the last ones to leave the plane.  I could not move!!!  I felt faint…

I got put in a wheelchair…

…With a stolen Emirates blanket wrapped round me (I had the shivers) and my face buried in a sick bag!!!

An Emirates lady offered to push the wheelchair, but  Mr Geek said he would manage….yeah, he managed because he put his cabin luggage (approx 9kgs) plus my handbag (approx 2kgs) on my lap and then pushed me.

The only good thing is we sailed through customs!  We didn’t have to wait in the long queues!  Mr Geek joked and said that we should do that again for our next trip!!

After getting our luggage (appox 58kgs), we really needed an extra pair of hands.  Mr Geek could NOT pile all that luggage on my lap!!!

An Emirates lady helped us out and pushed me out to the car park where my mum was waiting.

“Excuse me, are you waiting for this young lady?  Is she your daughter?”
(Mr Geek was lagging behind with all the luggage)

And it was  at this precise moment in time, my mother disowned me, her firstborn child.  “No”

I looked up…“Mum?” in my weak pathetic voice….and 5 seconds later, it clicked…“Oh my goodness, it is my daughter!!”

My Mum’s excuses for disowning me are :-

1.  When Mr Geek phoned her to get her to come pick us up, he didnt mention I was sick
2.  It was raining heavily so she couldn’t see properly
3.  My face was buried in the sick bag
4.  She thought I was a disabled person and didn’t want to be rude and stare too long

Update : been to doctor’s, been to hospital, resting in bed, drinking sips of water, off work for 2 days

Mr Geek said he still loved me even though I was reeking from bad bad bad breath plus toilet stench plus Dubai floor dirt plus sweaty body sweat!!

My mother nearly forced me to go back to work today!!!  And all of this happened yesterday!!!  She is a typical Chinese mum…“Yeah, u didnt wear enough clothes”…”Yeah, get back to work”…

My dad on the other hand, drove me to hospital today and waited an hour plus for me!

– that’s me – green from all the sickness, but still smiling

Food For Thought

By Ling

Within the last 15 days alone, I have sampled the culinary delights of many countries.

1.   Spain – paella, rabbit stew
2.  America – McDonald’s spicy chicken deluxe burger, San Francisco steak, KFC mash potato, root beer
3.   Malaysia – nasi lemak, ABC, assam laksa, roti canai
4.   China – abalone, shark fin soup, hainanese tea
5.   Germany – wurst
6.   Korea – kimchi, sam gae tang, bulgogi
7.   Japan – sashimi, tempura
8.   Vietnam – beef noodles
9.   Italian – gelato
10. France – foie gras, escargots
11. Phillipines – home-cooked food by Filipino maid
12. UK - Walker’s crisps (!!!)
13.  Lebanon – swordfish kebab, hummus

Yum yum yum!


By Ling

Hola is hello in Spanish

This is Ling reporting to you live from Costa Brava, Spain.

Weather is good.  Food is okay.

Sun, sea and sand.

What more do we need?

Over and out.