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Not A Cook

By Ling

Sighs.  I just attempted to make a batch of choc chip cookies and they all resemble black, burnt rocks!  I was born to eat, not to cook!  Sighs.

I have been looking at recipes of yummy food and attempting to recreate them, so that I can throw a dinner party and impress my guests.  So far, I have tried making fish pie, vegetable lasagne, chicken pie, lemon & honey roast chicken, french onion soup and choc chip cookies…

One word : YUK!

I follow the recipes to a tee…okay, that’s a lie…I change some ingredients here and there to make the dish my own…and I watch cooking programmes and they make it look so easy…

Mr Geek and I made french onion soup the other day and we totally messed up.  The recipe said 1 cup of white wine.  We had those miniature bottles of wine collected from planes (yes, cheapskates are we!).

Anyway, what is 1 cup??  Cups can be small, medium or big!  So, I poured the whole bottle of white wine PLUS another half bottle of red wine into the soup…HAHAHA!!  It was revolting!!!  Food poisoning anyone??

(French onion soup is Mr Geek’s favourite food and I must must must perfect it..anyone know a good recipe for it??)

Looks like I’m not gonna be inviting people round for dinner for a while…(and no, I refuse to buy pre-cooked meals although, I may be tempted to bribe Sis 4 to cook…hmmm…??)

In conclusion :  I am not a cook!

Teeth And Vomit Equals Erosion

By Ling

Yesterday at around 1am, I rushed to the toilet and vomited into the bin.  It was so gross.

Vomit is acidic and prolonged bouts of vomiting can cause wear and tear on teeth (=erosion).

Being the dentist I am, I was worried for my teeth.

I went downstairs with the bin and my expelled contents, hoping to get sympathy from my Mum.  But she went ballistic at me because I went out for dinner with my friends instead of have a family dinner.  She gave me a whole reel of a long lecture whilst I was still holding onto the bin!!  Mum and Dad have been involved in the restaurant / takeaway business since they first arrived in the UK, so they know how unclean some food places are.  The annoying thing is, none of my friends got food poisoning so her lecture was pointless!!!

The thing is, Mr Geek had contracted food poisoning whilst we were in Dundee visiting Sis 3 on Friday.  He had bad diarrhoea and as a result, we had to stay another night in there so he could recover.  He spent like 5 hours in the loo!!  Sis 3 and I were totally fine…or so I thought…gurr…I blame Mr Geek!!

I trudged upstairs (minus the bin) after the lecture and got back into my bed.  5 minutes later, I jumped out again and the diarrhoea started.  Not pleasant at all.

And as soon as I crawled back into bed, I needed to vomit!! But I didn’t have the bin anymore, so I had to vomit into the toilet, where I had just pooped!!  EWWWW!!!

So it went on like this for the whole entire night… vomit / diarrhoea / vomit / diarrhoea/etc

At one point, I just lay down on my toilet floor on top of the pile of unwashed dirty clothes, suffering from cold sweats.  I felt so weak, tired and lonely…

In the end, vomiting began to reign as the superior!!  I lost count after puking for the 9th time….  I was surprised because I thought that there would be nothing else to vomit!!  Around 10am, I was vomiting up white foam!

I obviously couldn’t go to work, but I felt so bad when I called in sick because I had just had a week off work, thus I had a huge list of patients to see….

I wanted to be pampered by my loved ones…but they had to work / go to uni / go to school…I wallowed in self-pity for like half an hour but then that became pointless…

Thank God – Yes, I feel better today.  Yes, I managed to sleep last night.  Yes, I’m no longer vomiting.  Yes, I had to take another day off work to recover.  Yes, I can go on the internet today.

NO, I HAVE TO GO AND CLEAN MY TOILET NOW!!!!!!!  Wanna give me a hand??

So here’s some dental advice on what to do after vomiting :-

Your mouth will taste and smell disgusting.

Some people make the mistake of brushing their teeth immediately.  I believe that is a big NO NO!  This acidic environment will mean your teeth are at a weakened state and more vulnerable to trauma; thus brushing teeth will cause more tooth wear.

On the other hand, if you do nothing, the acidic taste and smell will fester, which is also not nice.

So here’s my dental tip on what to do to your teeth after vomiting to prevent erosion :-

1.  Rinse with water immediately and gargle with water and spit
2.  Rinse with mouthwash (if you have any), spit and don’t rinse
3.  Put a blob of toothpaste on your finger and run it gently round your teeth -try and coat all surfaces – spit out excess and don’t rinse
4.  Use toothbrush (no toothpaste) and brush tongue to remove yukky taste from tongue

Toothpaste is good because most of them contain fluoride – which helps counteract acid.

Any questions, please ask away…

My Swollen Eye #4

By Ling

Wow!  I am so blessed.  Everyone must have been praying ultra-hard for me because I didn’t actually get my eye operation!!!

I was rather disappointed though because I was looking forward to being Pirate Ling…

My appointment was at 3.20pm but I wasn’t seen till 4.05pm.  During that time, I was very nervous and had to go and empty the peebox 5 times!!  My mum wasn’t with me because she had to pick up my brothers from school, so I was slightly worried by myself.

When they finally called me in, the Doctor bombarded me with questions relating to the lumpy eye….and before he even checked it, he scared me with things that might happen after the operation, e.g. scarring, tearing of the eyes, etc, etc…

“I would advise you to leave it alone for now..”

But I was still determined until his nurse butt in and reinforced what he had said.

The Doc could tell I was still wanting the operation, so only then, he had a look…

He got this wooden stick thing and flicked my eyelid out (if you know what I mean)…

“Yeh…mmhmm…if I were you, I would leave it alone….blah blah blah….”

So I still have a lumpy swollen eye!!!!

(Anyway, this incident reminds me of what I do when patients come in to see me with wisdom teeth problems.  I usually dissuade them to get anything done and scare them with the scary stuff, e.g. sliced gum and bone is drilled…blah blah…)


Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!!

My Swollen Eye #3

By Ling

Argh!  I”ve got a hospital appointment tomorrow to CUT the lump from my eyelid, which I mentioned here...argh!!  I’m scared!  I will have to wear an eyepatch afterwards…

Aye, aye Captain Ling!!!

Me pirate…teehee…but me scared…prayers for me please!