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Snapshots Of April 2011

By Ling

Time is flying!!!  We’re in the month of May already!!  Here are some snapshots of what I got up to in April…

1.  Friends

One can never have too many friends!  I have made some new friends in Melbourne and it’s all good.  With friends, I like to hang out and be myself.  We’ve done a lot of eating, chilling, chatting and laughing together.

2.  Food


I have decided to eat healthier in May (do not say DIET!) so I totally binged the entire month of April and ate whatever and whenever.


I also made some wanton dumplings – I made the filling and then wrapped them up.  However, I severely burnt them when I tried frying them and set the fire alarm off in the house!  LOL.

3.  Mail


I received lots of surprise packages recently.  I won a few competitions and got sent prizes and I received beauty products to review for my beauty blog and then, my lovely friend sent me Chanel bags – just the cardboard ones, and not the lambskin one.  I love collecting beautiful cardboard bags!!!  She was kind enough to send me mini samples of Chanel goodies too!

4.  Work


I worked quite a lot in April – I do a temp (locum) job in this dental community clinic.  And I worked in the dental van!!  That was fun.  Also, got to hang out with colleagues at an engagement party.  Work hard, play hard!

5.  Dates

april 034

Hubby and I went on a date to watch the amazing Bruno Mars in a live gig – at one point, I turned around to see Hubby playing games on his iPhone!  SIGH!!!  Regardless, I savour every moment we spend together!  Love him to bits and pieces.

6.  Mystery Illness

april 025

I’ve been struck down with a mysterious oral illness – doctor suspects a viral infection.  It hurts like a mother to eat and drink.  I’ve had it for over a week now.  It’s not ulcers.  I have no idea what it is.  It has now spread to my tongue.  My teeth have also started hurting.  Hubby hasn’t kissed me for days because he thinks it may be contagious.

P.S.  Yes, I have a silver amalgam filling in my upper right first molar.

7.  Baby Gaga

april 023

I’d like to introduce everyone to the new addition to our wee family – Baby Gaga.  She is a beautiful metallic black Toyota Yaris hatchback.  My parents bought me an extra early birthday present.  They really know how to spoil me!  And of course, I want to remind everyone that I still love Koyoti, my yellow Volkswagen Polo – but she’s in Scotland…

Anyway, hope you enjoyed looking at these photos I took with my iPhone 4.  It’s not the best quality but it gives you a peek into my life.  Thinking of doing this as a monthly photo blog post.  Let me know in the comments what you think.

An Amazing Photographer

By Ling

Stick a camera in front of my face and I will guarantee you a photo of my big cheesy smile and “V” fingers. There are some girls who shy away from cameras and refuse to be photographed…and there are some people who like to un-tag themselves from facebook photos.  As for me?  Snap away.  I love looking at photos and remembering what I was doing at that moment and how I was feeling.  Because I look at teeth and smiles all day, I can distinguish a fake smile from a genuine smile.  The secret is to look at the person’s eyes.  Are they smiling too or are they giving off a sad vibe?

One of the things which semi-annoy me about Mr Dorky, the fiance, is that he does not take photos of me or us.  I just don’t get it.  He says I am attractive and all…but he doesn’t take photos of me or us…what does it mean?  It means I over-think things!! LOL.

Anyway, he surprised me recently with a photoshoot with an amazing photographer, Amy Oliver

See it rhymes, Amy Oliver the amazing photographer!  LOL. 

I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!  (That rhymed too by the way!)

So, head over now and check out our photoshoot entitled How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You (click click!!)

Sweet Succulent Salmon

By Ling

Seeing as I have been nicknamed Love Guru by my friends, I’d better start giving out more dating advice!

Here’s a word of advice for you guys out there - Learn to cook!

1.  Girls will be impressed by your culinary skills.

2.  Enjoy dinner in the comfort of your own home and if you want dessert (the non-eating kind), then there’s no need to transport yourself to an appropriate place because you are there already!

3.  Saves you money rather than dining in those pretentious posh restaurants with dodgy waiters who may spit in your food because they’re envious of the fact that you’re dining with a lovely lady while they have to work.

My boyfriend did not win me over with his cooking as I never had a chance to taste his culinary delights till after we started dating.  But if I had known earlier about his amazing cooking skills, I would have asked him out myself!  LOL!

Here’s some food porn.


Sweet Succulent Salmon is black pepper and honey-glazed salmon on a bed of asparagus with cherry roma tomatoes.

The name of this meal is derived from the fact that the honey glaze was sweet and sticky; but also, when cooking fish, it is easy to overcook it resulting in dry, tough fish meat – but not in this case – the flesh was succulent.

This is before the honey glaze was added…

Here’s a close-up.  Look at that beautiful crispy salmon skin!  You can also see the black pepper.

I took a massive big bite and then brought out my camera and took another photo just to illustrate how succulent and moist the fish was…

Negatives : may not be filling enough as carb content is low; raw tomatoes do not release as much lycopene (an antioxidant) as cooked tomatoes
Positives : salmon is rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids; asparagus is known for its aphrodisiac properties
Calories : moderate-low
Satisfaction : oh yummy!
Comments : Personally, I like my salmon a bit more cooked.  When I got to the centre of the fish, it was almost like eating sashimi.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed every bite.  No carbs at dinner-time means feeling less bloated and more room for dessert – the eating kind!
Food Porn Factor : 8 out of 10

All food cooked with love from Ling’s boyfriend, Mr Dorky.

Photographic Evidence #1 : Hotty To Not-So-Hotty

By Ling

I have realised that I blog too much with words.  Sometimes, people don’t believe what I write about and say that I over-exaggerate.

I recently wrote about how my friends said I looked “unglam” after I started dating.  Please remember the reasons why this is allowed during the Honeymoon Stage of a relationship.

I am now prepared to give you photographic evidence of my transformation from a hotty to a not-so-hotty!

Hotty Ling – single and fee to mingle = glam clothes, make-up, glossy hair

Not-so-hotty Ling – attached and at Honeymoon Stage = no make-up, frizzy hair, bushy eyebrows

(Look at my stupid fingers-in-ears pose!  WHAT IS THAT?!!!  Even my photo posing skills have gone downhill!  LOL!)

Okay, it’s not THE worst picture I could have posted up…but the not-so-hotty Ling look is reserved for my (blind) boyfriend’s eyes only!  LOL

Next week – Photographic Evidence #2 – Botox-ed Ling and Wrinkly Ling