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Please Answer #8

By Ling

Second day into Bangkok, Thailand and I’m already an owner of FOUR lovely new handbags.

Sightsee during the day and go shopping at night.

Getting ripped off left, right and centre but things are still cheap compared to UK prices.

Problem – how do I fit my new bags into my already overweight suitcase??

Answers on a postcard please.

I Wonder

By Ling

It’s the 4th day since I returned from my fantabulous holiday to Greece and Norway…(stories will remain locked in those countries forever between us…haha)

And in these 4 days, I have been asked, by various people in different social/working circles, EVERY day about the status of my love-life…

‘How’s the love-life?’ / ‘Any romance?’ / ‘Are you attached?’ / ‘Are you seeing anyone?’ / etc…

Why the SUDDEN interest??

Am I emitting some secret beacon which says :-

a)  I am loved up

b)  I am no longer desperately seeking Mr Right

c)  I can’t be assed with guys no more

d)  I am GAY

e)  Other (please specify)

Oh well, it doesn’t bother me.  I like all this attention.  It’s better than people asking me, ‘How’s work?’ (that’s like the most boring question EVER!)

I wonder if anyone will ask me about my love-life tomorrow.
I wonder if I will be tempted to lie or tell the truth just to see the look on their face.
I wonder if I will do that ANNOYING secret, coy smile manoeuvre some people do.
I wonder too much sometimes.
I hope I don’t wonder so much that I can’t sleep tonight because I get excited too easily about these things…hahaha…just goes to show what a SAD life I really lead…NOT!!!


By Ling

DIY is the acronym of do it yourself which is defined as performing a task which is usually relegated to an expert

I am astounded at how many people have asked me the same question.  In the name of research (and a hint of teeth vanity), I got a lower train track metal brace, (= orthodontic lower fixed brace)  fitted a few months ago.

I did not really need it (I was gifted with this bright and beautiful cheesy smile!  Thank you God!)…but I had this 1mm squint which I wanted corrected on one of my lower incisors.  (In retrospect, I wish I hadn’t bothered as it’s been giving me so much hassle.)

Anyway, when people see my lower brace, they ask :-

“Did you do that yourself?”


a)  Me dentist; not orthodontist
b)  Can anyone actually perform difficult dental procedures on themselves?

I broke my brace and tried fixing it by myself in my mouth today while looking at the mirror…it so DID NOT work..and I successfully made my situation worse!  My orthodontist is gonna kick my butt!!

However, I once worked with this dentist who had bad toothache.  He said he took a BIG SWIG of whisky, and then proceeded to yank out his own tooth!!!!

Dentists always tell the patients how important it is to have regular 6 monthly check-ups….We are SUCH hypocrites!!!
When was MY last check-up??  Erm..
More importantly, who IS my dentist?  I have none!!!
My lower wisdom tooth is hurting…for that, I would recommend hot salty mouthwashes…have I done so??  AS IF!!

It got me thinking of what professions can be DIY-ed…

- Surgeons doing surgery on their own bodies – NO!
- Hairdressers cutting their own hair – MAYBE
- Masseuse massaging their own back – only if they’re superbendy
…endless list goes on…

Saying that, I am tempted to do some DIY Botox…if you see me with wonky eyebrows one day, you will know why!  Lol.