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#30daysofsharing | Day 7 : Food Porn Friday – Black Lime, Ringwood

By Ling

We entered Black Lime on a Saturday afternoon desperately looking for something to satisfy our hungry tummies.  I was especially hungry as I had been working that morning.  Work ALWAYS makes me extra hungry – probably because there is so much physical work involved or maybe it’s because I have to make small talk with the patients and it zaps up all my energy.

We had a ‘Buy One Meal, Get One Free Meal’ voucher up to the value of $35 from The Entertainment Book.  Being totally Asian, we had to make sure our meal choices were around the $30-35 mark to “get our money’s worth”.

Black Lime Ringwood, Scotch Fillet Steak, Food porn

I went for the SCOTCH FILLET STEAK $36 served medium rare with beer battered fries and mixed veggies plus peppercorn sauce (which I think was extra $).  I am a carboholic so I judge food to be good depending on the carbs!

At first, I was apprehensive about the hairy-skinned baby carrots.  Long, thin and hairy…hmmm..??!!  But it was sweet and succulent.  Yes, I am still talking about the carrots!  The chips were golden, crunchy goodness – was a bit annoyed that some had been soggified by the steak.  Chefs who plate up and place steak on top of chips should be shot!

Steak, food porn
As for the steak, it was indeed char-grilled beautifully and the sauce was a beautiful complement.  Of course, I couldn’t eat all 350 grams of it!  I am not a big meat lover so usually, I will eat half of the meat and devour all the sides.  Who ate the rest of my steak?  Of course, it was my Chubby Hubby who polished it off after he finished his lunch…

lamb strap

He is a lamb lover so he went for PISTACHIO CRUSTED LAMB STRAP $32 - Black Lime’s signature dish, served medium rare, resting on a decadent sweet potato puree, with broccolini and a sweet Shiraz reduction.

He said the lamb was good but the sweet potato puree with the red wine sauce was just funky.  I agree!  I swiped a forkful of sweet potato and nearly gagged!

May I also add that the Husband took that photo of the lamb straps in rapid haste.  The photo is hardly food porn worthy!!

Even though, the food at Black Lime was rather good, we probably won’t be back for the following reasons :-

1.  Pricey – without the BOGOF voucher, we would have paid an arm and a leg, just for lunch!

2. There was a LONG waiting time for food even though it wasn’t busy.  Thank God for mobile phones with internet.  Otherwise, we would actually have to talk to each other!  *winks*

3.  There is no polite way of saying this but service was crap!  We heard big laughs coming from the kitchen, no plates were cleared from tables around us and like I said, a long wait for food.  Maybe the staff were having too much fun with each other but we felt pretty neglected.

Bottom Line : I can get just as good food at similar prices but with ten times better service and ambience at other restaurants in Melbourne – so take that Black Lime in Ringwood!!!

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Did Laksa King Satisfy Ling?

By Ling

On Saturday, the Mr and I went on an epic journey to get to the infamous Laksa King in Flemington, VIC.  For the uninitiated, laksa is a spicy noodle soup with elements from Singapore and Malaysia.  There are 2 types of laksa – assam (not that keen on this) and curry (yes, get in ma belly!!!).

The restaurant was busy being a Saturday at 6pm, but we got seated no problem…although a bit too close to our neighbours (who stole, yes STOLE, the Husband’s serviette!)  The menu was quite extensive which surprised me because I thought it was just laksa…but they even had Peking Duck wraps and lots of Asian delights.

We ordered Roti Chicken Rolls (6 for $12) and a Combination Curry Laksa ($9.20) for me and a Beef Curry Laksa ($9.20) for him.  Service was pretty quick because I went to wash my hands immediately after ordering and upon return, my bowl of laksa and the roti rolls greeted me.  Secretly I would have preferred my entree first because I didn’t know where to start first – Dig into laksa or eat the roll…?  In the end, I did a bit of both!

Roti Chicken Rolls

The Roti Chicken Rolls were flavoursome!  Each bite was packed with a chunk of chicken breast in this sweet nutty satay sauce with crunchiness provided by cucumber slices and raw red onion.  My tummy is rumbling as I write this!!  The roti itself was a bit of a letdown as it wasn’t light and fluffy enough.  Nevertheless, I would love to eat this again.

Combination Curry Laksa

Every time I eat curry laksa, I test it first by drinking a spoon of the laksa soup.  A fantastic laksa has to be hot in temperature (I hate lukewarm foods!) and it has to be fragrant from the coconut milk and curry spices.  Unfortunately, I was left a bit disappointed with Laksa King’s offering…it just didn’t have that special fragrance I was hoping for.  But saying that, I did enjoy it.

There were 4-5 plump prawns in my laksa along with slices of fishcake and fried tofu pieces.  And the best bit – a chunk of fried eggplant (that’s an Aussie word!  I like to call it ‘aubergine’, the true Scottish way!)  It was gooey from being deep-fried but so yummy!

I would have liked that extra bit of depth with more coriander (or cilantro) and more coconut milk and more spicy heat.

Overall Experience

  • Laksa King’s curry laksa is not the best laksa I have eaten
  • I recommend the Roti Chicken Rolls
  • Service is fast and efficient
  • Prices are reasonable
  • And I will be back because there are so many mouthwatering options on the menu

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Taking A Fancy To Fancy Oriental

By Ling

The Husband and I have been rather impressed with a newly opened restaurant in Box Hill, Fancy Oriental. We ventured in their last week for lunch and at first, I was like, “Meh, whateverrrr!” – but then the food came and the more I ate, the more I liked it.  In fact, we returned a few nights later for dinner and left the place with big, round bellies full of good food.

Fancy Oriental Lunch Review

Sunday Lunch time is always busy in Box Hill eateries and Fancy Oriental was no exception.  The waitress who pointed us to an empty table must have forgotten about us because after a few minutes of sitting there looking like lost sheep, we had to ask a passing waiter for menus.  The laminated Lunch menus are written in Chinese with poorly translated English – but what put me off was that a number of items had been crossed out with black marker pen.  I also noticed that the free serving of Chinese tea was not offered to us – damn them!  I love free stuff and I love Chinese tea!


3 Kingdoms, Box Hill

By Ling

My temp dental assistant from Laos recommended 3 Kingdoms so on that very same night, we went there to eat. The place was relatively busy for a Friday night but we got seated quickly. The people sitting in the table next to us were eating something which smelt and looked delicious. I had high hopes for 3 Kingdoms. Their menu had Chinese, Korean and Japanese food.

For starters, we ordered fried dumplings, kimchi pancake and spring onion pancake to share.

Usually korean pancakes are presented in the formation of a round pancake with slices, like a pizza. But this was just plonked onto a rectangular plate. Sadly, the starters weren’t that impressive. Adding to my annoyance was the fact that the starters came out at uncoordinated times, i.e. we’d finish one starter and then sit and wait until the next starter came out.

And then came our mains. Hubby ordered beef bulgogi which was yummy. The meat was well marinaded and was very tasty indeed.

The couple – Minda and Steve – both ordered bibimbap which is stone pot rice with beef and vegetables topped with a fried egg. They seemed to enjoy it.

As for me, I ordered teriyaki fried fish. And boy, it was a long wait before I got my dinner! By the time it had arrived, Steve and Noah had finished their dinner!!!

Was it worth the wait? NO!!! The fish was salty and the sauce was overly sweet = bad combination of flavours. Sigh. I didn’t finish my dinner even though I was hungry from the long wait.

Would I go back to 3 Kingdoms? NO! Service was poor. Long and uncoordinated waiting times.

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