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Timing Is A BEEP!

By Ling

Timing is a BEEP!

Do you want to know why?

Timing is a BEEP! #1

I was bumming around in Sydney on my lonesome…eating out alone…seeing sights alone…taking photos alone…(when my friends were working or studying).  Then I got a job and I started work on 9th December 2009 and guess what?  Sis 4, arrived in Sydney the next day! She bummed around in my flat or did things on her lonesome when I was at work.

I had a week off work for Christmas and New Year, so we were able to spend some time together visiting New Zealand.

Timing is a BEEP! #2
And then my Norwegian friend, Mr Norway, arrived in Sydney to pay me a visit.  He arrived on the first day I started back at work after the holidays.

Good thing is, Sis 4 and Mr Norway had each other to sightsee with.

Timing is a BEEP! #3

But this is taking the mickey…I just found out that I am finishing up work next week instead of mid-February because the dentist I am covering for, is feeling better after heart surgery.  Sis 4 leaves on the 20th January.  I finish work on the 21st January.   Mr Norway leaves on the 23rd January.

Timing is a BEEP! #4
This one is major BEEP!  My UK dental registration payment was due on 31st December 2009.  My Dad only showed Sis 2 the letter on the 29th December. She tried to contact me but I had just changed my phone number PLUS there was no internet access in New Zealand (we were up north) and some miscommunication later, the payment was not made.  I found this out on 2nd January 2010.  It means that I am now no longer eligible to work in the UK unless I pay triple the fee PLUS get a health medical examination PLUS some character references PLUS lots of paperwork.

In conclusion : BEEP!!!

Happy New Year

By Ling

Oh dear!   I have lost my blogging mojo…NOT!!

I have just been mega-busy and here is an update of my life for the last couple of months when I was MIA from my blog.

I started a new job, Sis 4 arrived in Australia to spend 2 long months with me and I picked up a boyfriend ALL at the same time.  Trying to find a happy balance has proven difficult and I have been extremely exhausted and my insomniac-days have disappeared and sometimes, I even have mid-afternoon naps! *shock horror!*

Working is boring ya-dee-ya-dee-ya but it’s good for the money and by the middle of February, I will once again be unemployed and have abundance of freedom, but by then, my sister will have left Australia.

Sis 4 arrived and brought lots of UK goodies for me.   Friends and family had passed gifts to me and I felt so loved.  Spending good old quality time with my sister has been good – it mostly consists of eating out.

We have also done some travelling together – to Melbourne and to Auckland, New Zealand. We are also heading to Gold Coast together. Yep, all this from MY rapidly depleting bank balance!!

And the boyfriend?  It’s Mr Dorky, by the way.  I have been surprisingly private about him, but don’t worry, I am just saving up all the juicy stuff so I can publicly blog about him later.  You know I don’t hold back when it comes to blogging.  I am extremely happy and I walk around with a big smile on my face.  It’s one of those long distance relationships – we are over 9 hours drive away but only 1.5 hours flight away.  I live in Sydney, he lives in Melbourne.

Happy 2010 and enjoy all the blessings.

Disney Bug

By Ling

I caught the Disney Bug in July.  Remember, I went to Hong Kong for a holiday?  Mr Geek was excited about Hong Kong Disneyland and I wasn’t.

I was expecting rollercoasters and nasty, scary rides.  I was expecting to be the ‘coathanger’ – i.e. the person who always stands there holding everyone’s coats/bags/cameras while everyone else is on a high-flying ride

But as soon as I got on the Disney subway with the Mickey  Mouse ear windows, I fell in love…

It was fantabulous!

Whereas, Mr Geek and our friends were rather disappointed as they had high expectations – it was too small, not enough rides, etc…

The fireworks at the end of the night were beautiful!

And then, last month for my joint birthday party with my girl friend Ms Miaow, we had a Disney theme.  I was Minnie Mouse.

And next week,  I will be at Disney World Florida!!!!


As I have so much free time before work starts, I decided to treat Sis 4 and I to a last minute holiday to  Florida for a week!!

Thank God for this wonderful opportunity.   Pray for safe journeys and fun!

Do you have the Disney Bug too?

Sibling Rivalry

By Ling

Sibling rivalry is defined as competition between brothers and sisters for parental love

My 3 younger sisters have returned from Hong Kong.
Yes, it’s great that they’re back, but at the same time, it just reminds me how annoying we all are when we get together.

We make lots and lots of noise!!!

” Listen to MY stories!!!!”
“No, let me speak first!”

There are 7 of us – 4 girls, 3 boys – Sibling rivalry isn’t very apparent, but I would say that there are subtle references to it, from my end.

I felt uneasy when my mum commented that my 3 sisters “deserved” their 3 month break in Hong Kong.  I had to stay behind to work full-time AND take care of my 3 brothers – but my mum doesn’t think I’m hardworking.  She often describes me as “lazy, boring and fat”.

And then when I defend myself, she responds with “Oh but you’re the eldest so you have to do this and that….”

I cannot win!!

However, I think my mum likes to say stuff like that to me because it makes me more determined to prove her wrong!  I only do well if I have to compete with people!  Deep down, I know that she totally appreciates what I do.

Is that terrible that I get driven by competition??

I like to be better than…
I like to be the best at…

I don’t like being told what to do so I usually do the opposite!!

E.g. Mr Geek says I should lose some weight (he’s got this thing about skinny girls) but I am determined to get fatter…hahaha…

But then my mum says Sis 3 is skinny, so then I try and be as skinny as her!!!  And the thing is….the thing is….I AM the same waist size as her…but because she is inches and inches taller than me, she appears skinnier….ugh!!