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By Ling

As you can tell, I am quite stressed out at the moment.  I don’t handle stressful situations very well.

Last year, I was going through a rough patch in life.  Every day, I would eat 1kg of chocolate, a whole packet of biscuits and a big serving of ice-cream (I actually finished a whole Viennetta in 10 minutes after dinner).

Eating like this is obviously not going to do anyone any favours.  I started getting fat and spotty.

One day, I decided to stick a toothbrush down my throat so I could vomit up the food I had eaten.  It didn’t work!  I have an amazing gag reflex!!  I asked one of my guy friends to punch me in the stomach.  He didn’t.

Miraculously, I stopped obsessing over food, but the depression still hovered over me.  Instead of food, I turned to self-harm!  I shut everyone out but I do wonder if anyone had even noticed…

In simple terms, I used a knife, scissors and a razor and hacked away at myself.  I felt nothing though – there was no sense of relief when the blood gushed out.  Stupid pointless exercise!!

But, I’m now in a happier place.  How did I manage to pull myself out of this mess?  Well, I didn’t do it – God revealed Himself to me!  I’ve been a Christian for a few years  but I went down the wrong path, but now I’m back on track!

Obviously I didn’t tell my family who live in Glasgow – which is 1.5 hours drive away from Dundee, where I study.  But they knew that something was not right with me.  They came up to visit me and it cheered me up so much.  Even my dad phoned me and he said he loves me!!!!!  That is really something because my dad is a stereotypical Chinese man who does not show emotions whatsoever – he usually doesn’t even say Bye on the phone; he just grunts and ends the call.

Anyway, the good thing is, although I am stressed at the moment, I haven’t done anything foolish.  I just constantly remind myself of the positive things in life.

In conclusion : I feel so blessed and loved

IQ 145

By Ling

Currently, really busy studying for my exams, hence the lack of blogs.

Did I tell you that I did an IQ test when I was 19?

Apparently, I have an IQ of 145

My brain is now full of dental knowledge.  I’m gonna be a dentist!!!  Wahey!

Repeat After Me

By Ling

* Repeat After Me…Out Loud…*

Dear God,

I know this girl called Ling.  Usually she is lovely and funny and cool!!!!  And when she’s happy, she’s really happy…

However, come near exam time…and she totally flips out…she becomes an absolute nightmare…a complete demented psychob*tch!!

She moans and groans…complains…seeks attention…freaks everyone out…

So please, please, please God…shut her up!!  Make her pass her final exams!!!!!

In Your Name,


Dentist Wannabe

By Ling

Studying to be a dentist is really difficult.

First of all, you need to get the all important grades to apply for university – I got 5 A’s in my Scottish Highers.  (yes, I am boasting here)

I used to play truant a lot when I was at school, but I still passed my exams.  But not in university.  A lot of studying is required.

Not only must a dentist have studious abilities, but you also have to be good a practical work, i.e. clinical work.

I got awarded a grade 5 from my clinical tutor for a clinical assessment (we are graded from 1-8; 8 being the best) recently and the comment I received was “I can see that you are still struggling a bit with patients…”

Some dental consultants have awarded me with grade 8′s, but this particular tutor has only given me average grades.  Sigh.  I must work harder and push myself!!

Everyone is gifted in some way.  My mum says this about me, “You’re intelligent but you’re useless at everything else!”

Haha.  It’s kinda true because I know what to study to pass exams, but my brain does not absorb any other information.

This is going to be a busy month of not only studying, but deciding where I want to work after I graduate.

In conclusion :  My IQ wins over EQ!