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Vlog : Happy Chinese New Year Featuring The Toilet!

By Ling

Happy Chinese New Year!  It’s the year of the Dragon!  I’ve had the craziest start to the Dragon year involving my toilet…and I somehow managed to vlog it…  Check out what happened…

P.S.  Why do these crazy things happen to me??!!!  Bahahahahahaha!!!  Gotta laugh about these things, right?

Vlog : The One Where I Attempt To Be A Weather Girl

By Ling

It’s been a while since my last Vlog…in fact…this could be the first one I have done all year.  I mean, I’ve done some make-up and hair and flossing tutorials for my beauty blog, but I haven’t done a Vlog here.  Ah well…no need to wait any further because I filmed one today…and it’s so random and stuff…but then again, that is so me!!!  So if you don’t live in Melbourne, then let me tell you that the weather here is crazy.  One minute it is beautiful and sunny and the next, it’s like raining cats and dogs.  I heard on the news there was going to be a storm brewing so I did some filming…

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Happy Birthday Mum!

By Ling

It’s my Mum’s birthday!  Happy Birthday MUM!!!

As her awesome daughter, I made her a Youtube video.  Please sit back and press play.

I’m not an expert at iMovie editing and as a newbie to it, I reckon I did a pretty good job. Now everyone will wish that I was their daughter :P
I kid!!!  But she watched this video already and she says I should have been a director instead of a dentist – now how sweet is that?

It’s really sad to be far away from my Mum…and I miss her all the time. Good thing, I have videos of her doing silly stuff to keep me entertained. I love you Mama!!

I Baked A Cake

By Ling

Strawberries and cream sponge cake made by me

Yes, you read correctly.  I baked a cake and it was rather successful.  I am prone to disasters in the kitchen especially this epic failure of chocolate chip cookies.

However, I am one of those people who likes challenges.  And once I conquer the challenge, I feel so satisfied and I move onto the next one.

Anyway, without further ado, I shall let you watch what I baked.  Yes, I filmed it.  I just love the fact how I managed to film myself and bake at the same time.  I killed two birds with one stone!  (And hopefully, you will agree that my video editing skills have drastically improved from my first vlog!  I managed to do a voiceover today – woohoo!)