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How To Choose Wedding Colour Scheme

By Ling

Recently, I have been congratulating friends left, right and centre as one by one, they get engaged.  Woohoo!  Anyway, I had always wanted to start a blog about our wedding planning journey, but as you all know, we got engaged and then got married in 2 months in Australia and then 1.5 months after that in UK.  So basically, there was no time to start a new blog nor do a wedding planning scrapbook.  I have to admit that wedding planning was extremely stressful due to the time constraint and distance and having to work at the same time and adapt to a new life in Melbourne.  But thank God for amazing family and friends who helped us throughout our journey.

Anyway, I know we had limited time to do wedding planning so I really had to make quick decisions on everything.  And I made the decision to allow my 4 bridesmaids to choose their dresses in whichever colour and style they wanted.  They chose royal blue.

What?  What?  Royal blue???  I thought that they would pick the typical bridesmaid-sy colours like pink or lilac…but they chose royal blue!  I just didn’t expect that.  But I was okay with it…till I had to choose my bouquet.  I had always wanted pink roses.  I love pink and I love roses.  But I had stumbled upon some wedding forum which said that pink clashes with blue!!  WHAT TO DO???

I didn’t want to be the bride with clashing colours.

I didn’t want people to laugh at me for my bad taste in colour scheme.

I was sleepless for a few days!  Seriously, it affected me that much!  Ask my bridesmaids because I annoyed them for days about this clashing colour scheme!

And then, just like that, I had a brainstorm.  I flicked through all the wedding magazines and cut out pieces which would help me envisage our wedding day and then gathered all of them together.  I made a collage.

melbo 494

And there you have it!  It didn’t look bad.  The colours didn’t clash!  And who cares what stupid wedding forums say anyway.  If I want pink roses for my wedding day, I shall have them!

wedding 013

Tips On How To Choose Wedding Colour Scheme

  • Go with what you want.
  • If you find it hard to envisage, then make a collage with cut-outs from magazines.
  • Ignore the rules on wedding planning from wedding forums.

And once again, congratulations to all those who are engaged!

Would you like me to share on other wedding planning tips?

The Honeymoon Pot

By Ling

If you have been directed here for details on how to pay towards our Honeymoon Pot, then I’m sorry but I was advised to remove my bank details from my website…(so e-mail me and I will send you details again!)

The Honeymoon Pot will be spent in either London, Paris or Rome.  Thank you.

If you are a blog fan, read on…

When guests attend a wedding, they usually buy a wedding gift to bless the newlyweds.  The majority of couples have a gift registry list and this information is included in the wedding invitations – it is even easier today with online shopping.

Now, the idea of having a gift registry list is highly appealing to me.  It’s not because I get to go shopping (I HATE shopping).  It’s not because I get to choose whatever I want.  It’s because I get to walk around the store with a handheld device which scans barcodes and stores this information and forms your gift registry list.  Isn’t that cool?  (Or am I just sad?  HAHA!)

However, as our Scottish wedding is in 2 weeks, this is clearly not going to work for Mr Dorky and I because we do not even have our own address.  We have no idea where we will be living once we go back to Australia at the end of August.  Therefore, we have no idea what we will need for our new abode.  And so, we never set up a gift registry list for the wedding.

But at the same time, I did not want people to buy us gifts in Scotland which we could not take back to Australia.  For example, how would we take back a vacuum cleaner.

What we really wanted was money.  However, according to wedding etiquette, it is rude to ask for money.

I figured it was better to be honest so I included this at the end of our wedding invitations :-

If you would like to bless us with a wedding gift, we would greatly appreciate money towards our Honeymoon Pot as boxed gifts would be too difficult to take back to Australia.  Thank you.

Points to note include :-

- “If” – meaning it is up to you; it is your choice; no-one is forcing you
- “money towards our Honeymoon Pot” – you know what the money is going to be spent on (although I do want an iPhone 4…)
- “boxed gifts would be too difficult to take back to Australia” – being honest here; it’s not as if we don’t want a vacuum cleaner, but it’s because we can’t take it back with us

That was not tacky right?  It was just plain honesty.  Some people clearly want money, but they put it in a nicer way by masking it in a poem (usually found by googling) :-

Our friends who got married recently had this in their invitation :-

If you were thinking of giving a gift,
To help us on our way.
A gift of cash towards our house,
Would really make our day.
However, if you prefer to purchase a gift,
Feel free to surprise us in your own way.

It is a sweet poem, but at the same time, the last 2 lines suggest that it’s okay to still buy any gift.

And there’s also this :-

Love the joy of choosing gifts?
And wrapping the chosen captive?
If thoughts elude in this regard… money is attractive!

What the…?  We’re not all English scholars!!  Sorry, but that poem would just put me off and I probably would not even get the newlyweds a present just because they subjected my eyes to such a badly written poem!!

At the end of the day, if your friends are offended by your request for money instead of gifts, then they’re not really your friends are they?!

The Proposal

By Ling


In our relationship, no-one wears the trousers!

Mr Dorky as himself and Ling Tung as herself; collectively known as “Dor-Ling”

Bright and early morning of 5th April 2010


Not Notting Hill!

On this wooden bench in the Isle of Skye in Scotland

How did he propose?
Well, it’s a long story really.  We were up in Skye with two other couples and a baby for a long weekend.

Friday morning was beautiful so we went for a long walk across some fields and up and down some hills.  The scenery was breath-taking and it was fun chasing the sheep whilst trying to avoid stepping on their poo.

Count the sheep and spot the poo!

Anyway, we got to this bit and I knew something was up.  Mr Dorky started to get fidgety and ramble on about how much he loved me and so on.  I was like, “Wait a minute…” and then I turned towards the water and pretended to be entranced with the view.  “Please turn around Ling…”, he pleaded.  My heart was racing and I panicked slightly.  I think he just caught me off guard.  I was going to turn around, but then I looked up.  “Oh look!”

I immediately ran towards my friends.  Saved!  Attempt to propose fail #1.

Later on that day, I confided to my girl-friends – Mrs Diva and Ms Miaow – that Mr Dorky had been acting weird, i.e. he’s going to propose.

Niest Point Lighthouse

We went to see this lighthouse and as we were walking there, Mrs Diva whispered to me, “He’s going to propose at the lighthouse!” Nooooo!!  I felt awkward knowing that but also, everyone would be watching and I just wanted it to be a quiet, private affair.  Thankfully, when we got to the gates, the lighthouse was closed.  Attempt to propose fail #2.


It was a miserable Saturday with overcast skies and rain.  All 7 of us had spent the whole morning and afternoon together sight-seeing.  Mr Dorky and I did not have time alone until we decided to split up and check out the shops in the nearest town Portree.  It was very cold and wet so I had my raincoat on with my hood up and earmuffs on.  I could see Mr Dorky trying to find a suitable location, but there were people everywhere and where it was quiet, the location was not ideal, i.e. outside an Indian restaurant’s carpark – I DON’T THINK SO!  Eventually, we got to this quiet corner outside the local church and he started rambling again.

“I’ve got something to ask you…”
“What?  I can’t hear you!”
(I lied.)
“Take your earmuffs off!”
“No…it’s too cold!”
(Another lie.)
“But you can’t hear me.  I’ve got something to ask you…”
“Ask me when we get back to the cottage.  Let’s go back!”
Attempt to propose fail #3.

We get back to the cottage and EVERYONE (except the baby) insists that I go for a walk with Mr Dorky.  They were all in on it!!!  I was literally forced to go for a wet, rainy walk with him.  We got to the wooden bench and I sat down.  He seized this opportunity and whipped out the box and said those words.

"Will you marry me?" - Mr Dorky

I said, “Is that it?  Where’s the speech?  Ooh, let me see the ring!  Wait!  Does my Mum know about this?” – while tears were streaming down my face.

Turns out Mr Dorky had bought the ring in early March but was waiting to meet my parents and ask for their blessing before proposing.  Besides, I really wanted my parents’ blessing especially as Mr Dorky and I had only been dating for 4 months and they did not know him that well.  Well, guess what?  He hadn’t even spoken to them about this!!  The beautiful diamond ring was put back in its box until my parents gave their blessing.  Attempt to propose fail #4.

That night, Mr Dorky snuck off and called my Mum…

Just after sunrise on this beautiful Easter Sunday, we went for another walk to say goodbye to Skye, but also, to welcome the next chapter of our lives together.  Successful proposal!!!

I love it! He chose it himself!

Interview With Mr Dorky

How did you propose to Ling?
It was a Sunday morning and the weather was perfect and it was sunny.  I got Ling out of her bed and asked her to go for a walk.  And we walked to the edge of the hill which faced the ocean.  And I found the wooden bench that I saw a few days ago when we went for a walk.  She knew what was going on.  Being my usual self, I had trouble putting words together.  I was stuttering because I was nervous.  And then, I got down on my knees and reached for the box and opened it and asked the question, “Will you marry me?”

You two have only known each other for 5 months – how do you know Ling is the One?
I knew after meeting Ling for the first time in Sydney.  I knew because I had been praying about it.

Describe Ling in five words
Beautiful, caring, loving, supportive, sincere.


First of all – Congratulation Dor-Ling!

When and where is the wedding going to be held?
Wedding registry will be in June 2010 in Melbourne, the wedding ceremony will be in August 2010 in Scotland and the post-wedding celebration will be in Malaysia in December 2010.

What?  That’s so soon – is Ling pregnant?
NO!!!  We haven’t done “it” so there is definitely no bun in the oven!

Pressure to perform on wedding night much?
No comment!

Ling, apparently you bought the first wedding dress you tried on – is that true?  And what is it like?
Yes, that is true.  But to find out what it looks like, please wait for the photos in August.

If you are engaged or married, please share about your proposal.

Confessions Of A Procrastinator

By Ling

A procrastinator is defined as someone who postpones work (especially out of laziness or habitual carelessness)

After I had revealed that I had accidentally found the business card of a diamond jeweller’s, I don’t think the proposal came as a surprise to any of you.  All our family and friends were happy and excited when they found out the good news.    But what amused me was the different ways in how males and females reacted to the news.  (The different perspectives between males and females have always intrigued me – remember this?)

If you are male, this is what you probably said to me (in order) :-

1.  ”Congratulations!”
2.  ”Have you set a date?”

And then that’s it.  The male population are generally not as excited like the female population.

If you are female, this is probably what happened (in order) :-

1.  Squeal!!!
2.  ”Congratulations!” (with a hug)
3.  ”Let me see the ring!  Aaaawww!”
4.  ”When are you getting married?”
5.  ”How did he propose?”

Yes, females are generally more excited about weddings.

What does it mean?

1.  Do males secretly want to know the lovey dovey details of the proposal and wedding plans?  But are they too scared to ask in case it instigates questions about their sexuality?
2.  Are there females out there who don’t enjoy wedding talk?  But if a female doesn’t express any interest in a friend’s forthcoming nuptials, does it mean that they are secretly jealous?

Yes, I, Ling Tung, aged 20-something, would like to confess.  Instead of wedding planning, I procrastinate and occupy my mind with these thoughts.  I am a procrastinator.  Did I mention that we are getting legally wed in 2 months?  (NO, I AM NOT WITH CHILD!)