The Universal Problemo

By Ling

Travelling has been an eye-opener.

Some places I have visited don’t have the same problems as back in the UK, e.g. in Singapore, people there are too scared to commit crime and everything is so clean which makes a change from the graffiti and litter you see in the UK.

Some places I have visited do have the same problems as back in the UK, e.g. there are homeless people who beg on the streets.

I haven’t travelled the world – to name a few since last year – Spain, Greece, Norway, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Dubai (- admittedly, I haven’t stepped out of the airport in Dubai)…

Yes, so I haven’t travelled the entire world, but I believe I have discovered what I like to call – The Universal Problemo

This problem seems to exist wherever I go. I encounter it quite often. It troubles me somewhat. The incredible thing is – I HAVE THE SOLUTION!!

Yes, you read correctly, I Ling Tung, hold the key to unlock the solution to The Universal Problemo.

One more characteristic – The Universal Problemo only affects the MALE species.

“The Universal Problemo” = the question that troubles the male species when they meet me = “How old are you, Ling?”

Recent event #1 = I was revisiting this church when I bumped into this guy on the way to the toilet. I couldn’t even remember his name. I smiled and said “Hi”, and he said, “Hi, how old are you?” Definitely, no beating around the bush there!

Recent event #2 = I had just moved into my Sydney flat where there are 6 flatmates and 5 chickens. I met one of the German guys downstairs and after introducing ourselves, he also had the attack of The Universal Problemo…I answered “Twenties…” BUT he didn’t let go, because the SECOND time I met him, he asked my age AGAIN, but this time like this, “How old EXACTLY are you?”

CRAZY GUYS!!  I know I don’t look my age

My usual comeback is “Why do you wanna know?” and the shy guys usually drop it. To shy guys, I award you nuls points…LOL!

But the other day, this other guy answered, quite bluntly (which I personally like because honesty is the best policy – but don’t tell him that), “I want to see if you are dateable!” To honest guys, I award you my phone number…LOL!  (Although, does age matter when it comes to dating??)

There are those sneaky guys though. They won’t directly ask The Universal Problemo, but they will indirectly calculate my age. “How long did you study at University and how long have you been working for?” “How old is your youngest brother and what is the age gap?” To sneaky guys, I award you permission to date one of my three sisters…double LOL!!!

Dear The Universal Problemo Affected Male Species,

Don’t you know it’s rude to ask a lady (yep, that’s me) her age?  I am as old as I feel and as young as I look!

Kind regards,

Ling xoxo

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