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If you didn’t already know, I LOVE to blog.

If you want to know me, it is worth reading through my Archives but if you want a quick fix, I have listed some of my top favourite blog posts to give you an idea of what I usually write about…

Posts Which Are Very Funny (in my opinion)

The Story About My Husband’s Penis
…and why I yelled at him to “STOP PUTTING YOUR PENIS IN MY FACE!”

11 Things I Learnt About Having Diarrhoea
Diarrhoea has taught me a lot in life.

How I Cheated On My Husband
Someone who wasn’t my Husband massaged my boobies!!  For real!

Posts Which I Posted On Other Sites And Got Amazing Response

First Fart In A Relationship
I posted this on and over 3500 people have viewed it and I got loads of comments!  A personal achievement for me indeed!!  If only I could get them to read this website!  

The Honeymoon Stage

I posted this on and some people agreed and some people disagreed with my theory…what do you think?

Posts About My Personal Life

The Proposal
Yes, I met the love of my life and after 4 intense months, he popped the question!!

Confessions Of A Confessioner
I use my blog to publicly confess my wrongdoings…(probably not one of my smartest ideas)

Please Answer #6
I like this post because I got loads of comments which reflected me…

The Big Plan Revealed
One of the recent major turning points of my life…

Posts About My Big Family

Blonde Mum
My Mum left Hong Kong when she was a teenager.  Her hair is black with sprinkles of grey-white hair and her English has that Hongky accent, and this story highlights why she is a true blonde!

Mum Disowned Me
I am the eldest of 7 children, so why would a mother disown her firstborn child…??

Greatest Mysteries
What is this about?  If I told you, I’d have to kill you!  Read it to find out more…

Posts About Dating-Related Topics

Man Up #2
What a guy should do when he meets the girl of his dreams…

How To Get Over A Break-Up

Being single and free to mingle should be a fun time in your life.  Although, it does suck when you get dumped…

Posts About Teeth-Related Topics

Bad Breath
Do you have bad breath?  Read this to find out more…

Smallest Penis Does Not Mean Smallest Teeth
I love the title of this post!  LOL