Twitter Feed : On The Bus To Chadstone

By Ling

I’m blogging less these days because I micro-blog on Twitter.  If anything funny or sad or dramatic happens, I tweet it out – which means I don’t build up a need to write a blog post about it.  It’s a shame because you, my readers, miss out on the exciting action in my mundane Melbourne life!  But hakuna matata because a genius lightbulb moment just came to me and I thought I’d incorporate my tweets into my blog.  Genius!!

So the story is…  I’m on a 1-hour bus ride to Chadstone…so I start tweeting throughout the journey…

5.00pm :  Sitting on a bus…and then Bus jolted so I accidentally elbowed a guy’s peen! FML! And bahahahahaha!

5.11pm :  Some dude with really bad BO just sat behind me. Gross! *silently plotting to elbow his peen too* :P

5.12pm : Guide dog got on bus. It’s amazing what they can do!!!

5.18pm : China girl on my left is speaking to china girl on my right! STFU! My ears hurt! Stop screeching!! Why do Chinese ppl talk so loud??

5.20pm : I hate taking buses! Must learn to drive to Chaddy!

5.21pm : China ladies have got off bus. Now got china dude sitting next to me. He has halitosis and BO! FML!!!

5.30pm : Call me a snob or whatever but public transport sucks balls! Buses are peasant wagons!!!

5.43pm : Destination. Arrived. I. Have. #yodatweets 

And before you dismiss me as a crazy twat for talking to myself, my tweeps ( = Twitter friends) joined in the conversation too.

Here are some of their tweets :

@ShinyGlitterBug :  OMG you’re hilair Ling! LOLOL!!

@xxshinrai : omg worst!! Once a lady in front of me kept doing those silent yet highly toxic farts. My friend I almost died :( lol

@miss_investress : lol ur tweets on the bus are making me laugh especially when u elbowed that guys peen. Made my Wednesday better

@AGLovesShoes : laugh out loud. Made Me. This tweet. #yodatweets

@Aysh_tmb : Btw thanks for the entertaining bus commentary this morn…fab! :D x

@shelld1979 : Peen???? Hehe…..

And yes…it was probably funnier at the time…!  As you can see, spelling and grammar are not of major importance in Twitter and we use a lot of acronyms – but it’s all fun :)

2 Comments on Twitter Feed : On The Bus To Chadstone

  1. Richard
    May 20, 2012 at 11:31 pm (2 years ago)

    But u look chinky also…….


    Ling Reply:

    @Richard, Yes I am a chinky. Big deal


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