Where Should I Work?

By Ling

I am contemplating where I should work after I graduate in July.

I have 3 options :-

1.  Stay in Dundee

This is my sixth year in this city of discovery.  I have discovered that this city is also known as “the armpit of the universe”.  Okay, I may be exaggerating here, but it is really dull and boring in Dundee.

Yet, I will still consider this place because my parents own a flat here and I am the boss – haha.

2. Move back home to Glasgow

Glasgow is my hometown.  It is where the majority of my family and friends live.  It is more exciting compared to dull Dundee.

However, it would also mean being under the same roof as my parents.  This means – rules, rules and more rules.

3.  Moving to England

The only reason why I am considering England is so that I can get plastic surgery on the body parts I am insecure about (read here).  By then I will be working so I can afford it.  And then when I return home, people will think I look AMAZING!

However, now that I’ve publicly announced this, it’ll be too obvious so scrap that idea!

In conclusion : I will ask my Mum!

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